Shenyang Jeep out onto the sidewalk and killed 89 year old 2 people injured (Figure) – Beijing, August 24th 9 am, Huanggu district near the Yalu River street and the intersection of Copper Mountain, a car out from the hotel near the white Jeep suddenly accelerated, has knocked down a man and a more than and 80 year old woman, then the jeep was hit heavily on the poles. The accident caused by small and Jeep pilot of the location of the wounded, the old man rushed to the hospital died. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter came to the scene, the jeep hit the pole, the front windshield glass front lights near the rupture, serious damage. The old man was lying on the ground, blue lips, has been in a coma. Guy sitting on the floor, blood on the clothes. The jeep sitting in the copilot position on the victim’s head hit the front windshield glass, a lot of blood flow. Onlookers said the jeep driver was a woman about 40 years old, has been taken away by the police investigation. Witnesses said the incident, the jeep opened near the hotel, ready to walk through the sidewalk to the motor lane. May be the driver accidentally stepped on the foot throttle, the car rushed out of the." After a series of knocked down two people, the jeep hit the pole to stop. Fortunately, they hit the pole to stop, or rushed to the consequences of the motor vehicle is even more serious." Onlookers sigh. Subsequently, emergency vehicles rushed to the scene, the 3 injured were taken to hospital. It is understood that sitting in the copilot position of the injured and the guy’s body has not been affected, but the old man died. Elderly family members rushed to the hospital, very sad. The old man’s family told reporters, 89 years old this year, usually the body is very tough, the day was a walk in the home, did not think of the accident. Why did the jeep suddenly accelerate? At present, the cause of the accident is still under investigation. Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter Li Qinghai intern reporter photographer Chang Shenggang相关的主题文章: