Shen Teng today in Chiang Mai held a low-key wedding – Ma Li did not attend the March entertainment Sohu Shen Teng and his girlfriend Wang Qi licensing   Sohu (sohuyl) today entertainment news, the media puliao Shen Teng in the morning with Wang Qi in Chiang Mai held a wedding, Ma Li is still Beijing drama rehearsal, Shen Teng did not attend the wedding. Sohu entertainment confirmed the news to shen. The other said, Shen Teng indeed held a wedding today, just a small dinner friends and relatives. Extended reading: March 17th, Shen Teng drying out a marriage certificate in micro-blog, officially announced the marriage with Wang Qi: take Qiqi back to Qigihar, do something. It is not just after finishing her!" Photo, two people holding a wedding photo in hand holding together, looks very happy. Two people have been together for over 12 years. Some time ago to participate in a variety of Teng Teng entertainment comedy comedy, the host Wu Xiubo had publicly urged marriage, the man to give the woman a statement. When the final, the program group took his girlfriend to the scene, expect him to make the proposal, but Shen Teng was to steer the conversation, but also humor (not married) said, "this thing, guizaijianchi." In July this year the "show" Venus, Venus also once dabaobuping: "men and women about 12 years, also do not give a statement, 12 years is so hard……" Venus asked him, whether the woman had forced the other to go, Shen Teng said, "but now have passed this stage". What is interesting, because the past Shen Teng has refused to open affair, when Wang Qi’s identity after exposure, Shen Teng’s old partner Ma Li so lying gun, netizens crazy for Ma Lifa accused her of being a private letter, Shen Teng cause of marriage, leaving her particularly aggrieved. Ma Li said he put Shen Teng when sister, and Shen Teng himself as a brother". It is reported that Ma Li has a boyfriend four years younger than himself, is also happy twist colleagues.相关的主题文章: