Shanghai’s Wang Yihan farewell to the national team to return to Shanghai team training in the mid autumn festival day, Shanghai badminton star, 28 year old Wang Yihan officially announced the end of his career in the national team for 4640 days. According to the reporter, Wang Yihan has not completely retired, will return to the Shanghai team to continue training, preparing for next year’s National Games in Tianjin. While Wang Yihan and others have said goodbye, ushered in a wave of "retired" the tide of China badminton team, will also usher in a big shake, the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games is difficult to stage a comeback. Wang Yihan fans were called "cat", she has any other players are difficult to match the tenacity. Whether at home or in the world series game, Wang Yihan recovered four or five points, strong comeback wars It is often seen. Kuniwa coach Li Yongbo evaluation, she has a northern girl’s atmosphere and the delicate southern girl. 12 years experience of the national team, Wang Yihan won a total of 20 Super Champion, ranked the world badminton women’s singles player list, known as the "Queen of the super cup". In no one collect "Grand Slam" of women’s history, Wang Yihan from the "Grand Slam" feat only an Olympic gold medal is the most close to complete the Grand Slam singles player. Review of his national team career, Wang Yihan wrote in micro-blog have mixed feelings, she: "4640 days of the national team is truly the taste of life. Here, I felt the peak, experienced a trough; I learned how to overcome self unmoved either by gain or loss. Thank you for giving me 12 years of extraordinary experience. Say goodbye to the familiar corridor, I will open a splendid life." Wang Yihan’s mentor, Shanghai badminton team head coach Jin Chen said that Wang Yihan will return to the Shanghai team, if the physical and mental state properly adjusted, Wang Yihan return to the international arena is not impossible. Whether the door will thoroughly turn to Wang Yihan, depends on the smooth succession of young players. After the end of the Rio Olympics, Zhao Yunlei, Yu Yang, and, as well as the same as the president, announced his retirement from the national team, like the rest of the national team on. With the end of next year’s National Games, Fu Haifeng, Lin Dan et al may retire, Chinese badminton team a big shake up to avoid. At present, Chinese badminton is falling into the trough of nearly 10 years. There are men’s singles, men’s doubles, Chen long Zhang Nan and veteran support, women’s doubles are re pairing space, three singles main Wang Yihan and Wang Shixian retired, left knee surgery Li Xuerui. And has the potential and experience of the game, little flower is very few. The future of the country feather women’s singles, worrying, the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo will stage a comeback, a test of the coaching staff management and training ability.相关的主题文章: