Shanghai race without defending a continuation of Robertson for three consecutive years "Curse of defending a tour champion out of the first round of China News Agency, Shanghai, September 21 (Ma Huayu) 2016 World Snooker Shanghai masters 21 evening ended the first phase of the game. That night, now ranked fourth in the world of Judd · Trump in the big score fourth behind the case, successfully reversed, with a 5:0 victory over the next round of wollaston. So far, this year’s Shanghai masters all 16 players, including the world’s top 16 players accounted for half, but these names of the first round of the game is not easy. O’Sullivan surprised reversal of the absence of the last year,, Liang Wenbo, Shanghai masters, so this year his debut attracted a lot of attention of domestic fans. His first round opponent is the recent state of the excellent Liang Wenbo, which is to say before the game to let O’Sullivan play uncomfortable." Start to rely on home court advantage, Liang Wenbo made the 4:1 lead, holding four match points. He only needed to harvest a victory, O’Sullivan can be eliminated. However, found in the hand "rocket" into their familiar fast attack mode, then get out of hand, the final 5:4 to complete reversal of the next round. After the game, O’Sullivan said, "when I was down, I was just trying to keep myself in shape and then see what happens. Liang Wenbo if you can keep the state, he may be the winner." Ding Junhui Ding Junhui and Donaldson Donaldson mistakes gifts before the game, few people would have thought now ranked ninth in the world of unknown teenager Ding Junhui will be pushed to the edge of the cliff. "90" after Donaldson has not been afraid the enemy, he caught Ding Junhui feel not good opportunity to lead 3:1. Although Ding Junhui will match into the tiebreaker, but Donaldson still keep ahead in the decider. However, the young in our good circumstances, the ball attack at the bottom of the bag a fatal mistake, will eventually be the victory to Ding Junhui. After the game, the first round of distress Ding Junhui said he "wins in experience", he will face old rival Mark · in the second round; Alan, the latter 5:0 swept Mike Kiel promotion. Werwilson continued last year as the spell out of the first round of the Shanghai Masters champion, England teenager Werwilson shoulder break Shanghai masters responsibility without defending curse. Since the tournament was founded in 2007, nine years of competition has produced a total of nine different titles. Who can defend the title in Shanghai, has become a hot topic before the start of the race every year. Unfortunately, the defending champion Wilson in his first round of the game, 2:5 lost to the world’s twenty-eighth place in the early exit of the Holt, so that no defending curse continuation. Robertson for three consecutive years "round Tour" in a first round will be opened now ranks seventh in the world of Neal Robertson, · this is the Australians for third consecutive years in the Shanghai masters stop the first round. Robertson because of his long accuracy and firepower attack, with "Australia gun" said)相关的主题文章: