Shanghai City Consumer Protection Committee: some time-honored "Red Net" evaluation standards – moon cake Beijing Xinhua Shanghai September 14th news (reporter Zhou Rui) Mid Autumn Festival, hundreds of hours queuing to buy meat moon cake tastes good? Shanghai city consumer protection committee evaluation show that 18 Shanghai famous meat moon cake, only 4 reached the recommended national standard. Under the "Red Net" moon cakes, reputation is hard to live. Deputy Secretary General of the baking Committee, baked in the Sugar Association Expert Committee of the Shanghai Food Association chairman Xu Jinguo introduction, the evaluation group is composed of a team of experts and the media, consumer reviews, evaluation of moon cake projects more than 20, divided into subjective indicators including shape, skin thickness, filling degree, greasy cakes and a series of objective indicators. The evaluation results show that Shanghai time-honored "old West ward" meat moon cake is an expert and non expert groups were rated five stars, but some other brand evaluation results is not satisfactory, for example, to line up for hours to buy the "light?" is the only meat moon cake expert group rated as a four-star, non the expert group composed of representatives of the media and consumers only gives the evaluation of 3.5 stars. At the same time, the Shanghai municipal consumer protection committee also in accordance with GB / T 19855 – "moon cake" recommended by the new national standard on the objective indicators of the moon cake was evaluated by the. According to the standard, Soviet style moon cake and physicochemical indexes of meat and meat products fillings content per 100 grams should be greater than or equal to 35 grams, but test results showed that only 4 mooncakes with meat meat content standards, the other 14 fresh meat moon cake fillings less than 35%, the lowest of the "light?" is only 27.6%. In addition, after a preliminary test, Dexing Museum and the old Shengchang meat moon cake weighing and the actual weight difference between the labeled greater than 4.5 grams, and the marked value exceed the standard deviation of net content.相关的主题文章: