Shanghai 7 bowl of authentic Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle bowl Hand-Pulled Noodle warm heart for a week to eat pasta and pasta in small series, the feelings of unfathomable. Natural to eat the traditional flavor, or curiosity. Want to find a variety of other pasta taste, cold days, a bowl of hot Hand-Pulled Noodle warm heart. Today, let Xiaobian take you a probe 7 Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle Shanghai authentic. 1, the White House? Samurai? Hand-Pulled Noodle Wu Wu Wu warrior is white Hand-Pulled Noodle? Japan Hand-Pulled Noodle group was complete house? Group,? The first few Hand-Pulled Noodle shop opened in Shanghai. The standard 6 special tonkotsu, fungus crisp, three pieces of seaweed, fresh sweet crisp shoots, marbled meat, oil chemical with meat. The most important soup tastes, with pig bones of glioma, thick but not greasy, fragrance. The hardness is just fine to cook, and a soup and a bowl of pork, is really very positive tonkotsu Hand-Pulled Noodle. [delicious] Area No. 909 Julu Road (near Changshu Road) [2] 69 yuan per person, the first person on the surface of the single dimension of the heart known as Shanghai Hand-Pulled Noodle Japanese aristocracy, but also Shanghai singles favorite. On the surface of multi dimensional heart sign ingredients, delicious soup, not in the habit of people may feel a little greasy, handmade noodles hot, soft boiled egg is just perfect mastery of the thick film; Guangdong style barbecued pork FeiShou white, Bang Bang Da. There is the original Japanese manga, hey yo, good oh ~ a lot of Japanese singles a person watching cartoons and eating Hand-Pulled Noodle, with beer, is pretty fun! [building B2 No. 762 Hong Xin Fashion Square area] days Road (near the delicious ancient road) [] per capita 64 yuan [1] 3, Mu Te Ki Ya gold gold sign sign face Hand-Pulled Noodle the essence of Japanese are in the soup with a spoon, first a soup, soup kind, not particularly rich nor light, no thick oil. Feel the store is also quite benign, very careful, authentic Japanese Hand-Pulled Noodle. The dish also quite good, green leafy vegetables fresh water, fungus, large bamboo shoots special, with a thick slice of marbled water Guangdong style barbecued pork soup, eating good meet. [delicious] Area No. 1438 Hongqiao Road, Takashimaya mall 7 floor of 01 shops (near agate Road) [4] 75 yuan per capita, pregnant house night canteen chicken soup chicken soup Hand-Pulled Noodle Hand-Pulled Noodle interesting Izakaya, said here the great beef tongue, the price is very close to the people! Of course there recommended that the Hand-Pulled Noodle out of the ordinary chicken soup, pork bone soup, popular in this era, the change of taste is also very good. Listen to know the name of this bowl is very nourishing, soup is very fresh and sweet, and compared with the dolphin bone a little Hand-Pulled Noodle, thick, a little more light. Hand-Pulled Noodle, eggs, fresh bamboo shoots are a good performance, but in contrast it is inferior by comparison the soup. [delicious] Area No. 1438 Hongqiao Road, Takashimaya mall 7 floor of 01 shops (near agate Road) [75] [2] 5 yuan per capita, Litong house soy miso相关的主题文章: