Shaanxi oil production factory of oil spill pollution through the soil for 8 days unattended original title: a Dingbian oil production plant oil spill after 8 days is still no clear China Yulin daily news (reporter Yang Huyuan) the morning of October 29th, Bai Wan Zi Zhen Xue Cun Xiaoyuan Dingbian County three sets of oil production site leak, along the valley to the flow of crude oil in the village of dam. Dingbian County Environmental Protection Bureau had sent to the scene to view, China Changqing Oilfield and site belongs to the branch of China Petroleum Cooperation long development project manager department (hereinafter referred to as the Changhua project department) as soon as possible to clean up crude oil. Recently, Dingbian County Bai Wan Zi Zhen Xue Xiaoyuan village, many villagers call the hotline said China Daily, as well as the beginning of the hillside the oil spill clean-up, but after seven or eight days, the crude oil in the gully has still not been cleaned. The village master Xue said that crude oil along the valley to flow to the dam, through the soil were affected by varying degrees of pollution, if we extend directly to the dam. The afternoon of November 4th, the China Daily reporter Xue Xiaoyuan came to the leak site village, there are dozens of snakeskin bag. According to the villagers say, this is the oil production plant workers on the hillside after the leakage of crude oil cleaned into a bag of dirty oil, placed on the side of the oil well, and some scattered on the hillside. The leakage of crude oil flowed down the slopes of the ditch, one kilometer long, maximum width of 4 meters wide, the leakage of crude oil and Xiaoyuan Xue village dam adjacent closely, has been seven or eight days no one to clean up. A person engaged in chemical research professionals said that if crude oil spill polluted soil, so the soil on crops should not be eaten, because it will absorb a large amount of heavy metal lead, chromium, and leakage of crude oil will cause great negative impact on the ecological environment and economic construction. The afternoon of November 4th, the China Daily reporter from the Dingbian County Environmental Protection Bureau, the oil spill occurred after the Environmental Protection Bureau has sent two times to the site to view, and asked the project manager to have Changhua leakage of crude oil to clean up as soon as possible. "We dam every year and some other crops planting pock, crude oil has been dragged up, it may seriously affect the quality of the soil." In addition, one of the villagers master Xue said reluctantly, I hope the relevant units to be able to pay attention to, and to clean up the leak of crude oil. Editor: Li Peng相关的主题文章: