Shaanxi: anti fraud center to more than 3800 yuan in the capital – Beijing, Xinhua news agency, Xi’an November 14th news (reporter Zhang Junhe) reporter from the Shaanxi provincial anti fraud telecommunications network center was informed that, as one of the first national built 7 anti fraud upgrade center, Shaanxi province to combat telecommunications network model crime Information Center since July was opened answer the telephone consultation, the masses more than 3700 people, involving more than 3858 yuan to 1626 yuan, frozen. As of now, the people’s Bank of Chinese Xi’an branch, Shaanxi Banking Bureau, the Shaanxi Provincial Communications Authority and China Mobile, China Unicom, telecom Shaanxi branch of the three operators, and Chinese bank, agricultural bank, industrial and commercial bank, construction bank, postal savings bank and other 11 institutions have settled the anti fraud center, 35 commercial banks with the province has not settled and built a dedicated liaison mechanism, the center to take 24 hours to complete the duty system, telephone number query, sending text messages to remind and Feng Ting, blocking the accounts involved, payment functions such as query, frozen. According to reports, the future will accelerate the construction of anti fraud center intercept telephone fraud, the bank card system for rapid closure technology and the provincial and municipal anti fraud center linkage platform as soon as possible to form the provincial and municipal levels of anti fraud center "information sharing, synthesis operations, rapid response, the overall linkage, to for professionals, to the overall architecture of quick" and the operation mechanism, build a new anti telecommunications network crimes "firewall", to enhance the overall efficiency of governance to combat telecommunications fraud, safeguard people’s property safety. The day before, the Security Department of Alibaba group also settled in Shaanxi province official anti fraud center, will be involved in the inquiry, money fraud account closure, fraud data analysis and provide the support of large data source.相关的主题文章: