Computers-and-Technology It may appear that all the major search engines have their unique algorithm to rank you website but there is more to it than just algorithms. If you key in "SEO India" in Google it may give you a particular result but the same keyword "SEO India" when keyed in Yahoo or MSN can give you totally different results. This is not limited to the keyword " SEO India " but for all the keywords you are trying to search on these search engines. When experimented with all the search engines, not considering or trying to analyze the algorithms, there was a unique pattern which emerged. Search engine: Google Keyword: SEO India Engine Type: Application engine Google loves Wikipedia and the results show it and Google gives more importance to trust factor i.e. if your domain name, you are targeting for the keyword " SEO India " is 10 years old or booked for the next 10 years then Google assumes you are serious about your business and thus better ranking. Trust rank is not limited to domain age and also includes but not limited to buying SSL certificates, listing your phone number, address, having a privacy policy etc., Search engine: Yahoo! Keyword: SEO India Engine Type: Social engine Yahoo!’s results are inclined towards your listings on e-bay (Yahoo! partner), (owned by Yahoo!) and Flickr results (owned by Yahoo!), this means that the better you are listed for your keyword "SEO India" on these websites the more preference for your domain and hence higher rankings. Yahoo! also tries to incorporate many results from Yahoo! answers. Search engine: MSN Keyword: SEO India Engine Type: Product engine MSN is always good for product based searches which are not available on other major search engines. So, the keyword "SEO India" being a service oriented keyword would find it difficult to get high results quickly. MSN also started using more results from Wikipedia. So, please keep in mind the behavioral pattern of these search engines when you optimize your website and also choose the search engines based on the keywords you are targeting. So, if you are targeting "SEO India" then I would not prefer MSN as a target search engine. AuroIN is one of the largest SEO India and an ISO 9001 certified company. AuroIN currently has 500+ SEO professionals working 24/7 to extend sales and support services to their clients across the globe. About the Author: services please visit You can also visit our blog URL .auroin-seo-services.blogspot.. . Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: