Holidays One of the practices that are slowly extremely popular is self catering. In nut shell it means that the reliance on domestic aid is reduced as people do most of the things themselves. This is a very healthy practice as it cuts down on the expenses incurred by people on maintaining their personal staff. It also is very effective as people develop the noble practice of doing most of their work themselves. It also helps them to understand that every man’s labour is as important and that no work is big or small. Self catering is now not only confined to one’s home but it has also found its way into parties. Yes, even in parties self catering can be seen. The buffet tables are unmanned and guests are expected to help themselves. This is just one instance, there are several others as well? This means that one can very easily do without an army of waiters. This is of great help to guests who are only too relieved to enjoy in more place which was otherwise cramped by the presence of too many helpers. This is also of great help to the host who can certainly save a lot of money which was previously waited unnecessarily on waiters and other help. Health wise also self catering is a very good practice. One can very easily cut a lot of unnecessary fat from his body by doing most of his work. The practice also helps one to remain occupied and not get bored. This phenomenon of self catering has found its way even into the way people holidayed. No wonder destinations like self catering cottages which allow people to do their work themselves have be.e so popular around the world. It can safely be said, therefore, that the phenomenon of self catering is only going to spread in future. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: