Security driving continuous collision caused seven cars damaged two injured have been controlled – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter He Qinhua) in September 25th 21, the reporter from the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau, the day early in the morning, an employee of Xichang security company in the city of continuous driving, hit several cars, causing damage to seven vehicles. Two people were injured. Currently, the perpetrators have been controlled by the traffic police department. Day 02 30 pm?% XX (male, 24 years old, people of Xichang Sheng countryman, Xichang security company employees) driving vehicles (Sichuan WFY652) after Xichang City Yuan Garden Hotel in front of the traffic lights at the junction, hit the front two vehicles after leaving the scene, in the glorious victory road area and hit the road while parked vehicles, leading to the four vehicles collided, the car rushed across the road and collided with another vehicle was forced to stop, the accident caused damage to seven vehicles, two people were injured (skin trauma). After receiving the alarm, 3 in the morning, the Xichang Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Brigade police arrived at the scene disposal, 3:25, the perpetrators folded XX to Xichang city hospital for blood extraction. Currently waiting for the results of blood alcohol content, the perpetrators have been controlled by the traffic police brigade to carry out investigation and evidence collection, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: