Seagate launched the world’s largest capacity USB 3 mobile hard disk digital Sohu recently, Seagate launched BarraCuda Barracuda mobile hard disk, a new member of the family — Backup  Plus  5TB. This mobile hard disk is the world’s largest capacity USB  3 (5Gbps) 2.5 inch mobile hard disk, which is built in BarraCuda  5TB, single disc 1TB*5, thickness of 15mm, the USB hard disk thickness is 20mm. Backup  Plus  5TB Seagate said they can do a single disc 1.25TB, then realize the 5TB notebook computer hard disk 7mm. Currently the world’s largest USB  3.1 (10Gbps) mobile hard disk is made of Seagate, its capacity up to 8TB. It is reported that, Backup  Plus  5TB mobile hard disk price of $189.99, or about 1301 yuan.相关的主题文章: