The science fiction craze hit domestic science fiction films have wonderful experience dystocia – Beijing, Sichuan online news (reporter Chang Xiongfei) the evening of August 19th, the 2016 global Chinese science fiction film Nebula awards ceremony held in Chengdu. The list of winners, in addition to the "nine layer" demon tower is a relatively new works, the rest of the award-winning film "Yangtze River 7" "Li" "Adventures of Wesley blue" are shooting year long. Organizers reluctantly said that a bit of sci-fi elements of the film are counted, and indeed no film candidates. In August 21st, Hao Jingfang won the prize for "Beijing fold", and the copyright of the novel was bought by the film and television company. When Chinese gradually entered the science fiction boom, Chinese science fiction movies but for many years without good appearance, what is the reason? The domestic science fiction, have wonderful experience in China film science fiction is very bitter, only did people know. Happy in Chengdu to receive the science fiction film award Lu Chuan, told reporters about the production of the nine demon tower, wonderful experience. Nine demon tower investment of 90 million yuan, of which only $16 million can be used for post production, Lu Chuan before looking for Hollywood special effects company said there is no way to do it. When the shooting part is ended, the two sides have not reached consensus. Finally only the replacement of the VFX team, hired "special effects director Lord of the rings" to split the script, all the shots are classified, who knows actually split out 1500 shots. Lu Chuan also know that the budget is certainly not enough, I have told him that the monster’s lens must be the best, so only the monster’s lens to achieve a class a international standard." In the end, the "nine demon tower" special effects shot into the 8 special effects company, a total of 6 months to complete. "The day before the release, we are still doing special effects, I can only do my best." Worse than Lu Chuan, is the only one released this year, the domestic science fiction film "evaporation of the Pacific". Since the release of the dismal box office, the film director Zhou Wenwu Bay fans tucao. Zhou Wenwu hopes that all parties for a new type of domestic film can be disappointed, but don’t despair, because of all the ice in the road are not easy. "China’s film industry foundation is too weak, lack of talent, lack of experience, only the growth path is constantly learning, constantly taking, accumulate all kinds of resources and experience, can shorten the gap with Hollywood." At the same time, he also called on colleagues, a little less ridicule, more support". When it comes to domestic science fiction film, you have to say "three body". The film took part in July 2015 March 2015 announced the shooting, shot, was released in July this year is expected to. However, after the film producer, Chupin CEO Kong Ergou tour family leave, the VFX team was replaced, after director Zhang Fanfan’s footage was abandoned and a series of storm, a science fiction fan called "the China science fiction to the world level" a masterpiece, even in this embarrassing, can not help but for Science fiction fans sorry. Producer Song Chunyu said the film was postponed until the first half of 2017. The competition in Hollywood, bad money poor people as a major global supplier of science fiction, good.相关的主题文章: