Samsung responded: just Note7 discontinued media video: new version of Samsung Note7 mobile phone and then the accident     source: CCTV news in the new longitude client on 10 October, (Qin Chen) 10 morning, Yonhap reported that Samsung has suspended production of Galaxy Note 7. In this regard, the relevant person in charge of China Samsung Electronics in the new latitude and longitude client responded that only media reports, the official did not release relevant information. According to Yonhap news agency, in a series of Samsung Galaxy Note7 mobile phone of fire and explosion accident report, a relevant officials said South Korea’s Samsung Electronics decided to suspend production of mobile phone note7. The official said on condition of anonymity, Samsung Electronics is in the process of cooperation with South Korea, the United States and China’s consumer safety supervision department decided to suspend production. He said: the suspension includes a Samsung factory in Vietnam is responsible for the global shipment of Note7 phones." The new latitude and longitude client found that, at present, China’s Samsung Electronics official website did not appear to stop production statement, Note 7 is still the main push home star products. China Samsung Electronics relevant person in charge of the latitude and longitude of the new client responded that only media reports, the current official no relevant information. Previously, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 battery defects due to the occurrence of dozens of explosions or fire accidents worldwide. Many of the world’s transport sector, the airline will be included in the dangerous goods, prohibit passengers carrying or restricting the use of Samsung Note7 mobile phone. September 2nd, Samsung announced 2 million 500 thousand Note 7. Subsequently, from October 1st to resume sales of Note 7 in korea. According to statistics, only September 19th replacement plan to start the day, there are more than 2 people change. However, in October 5th, foreign media reported that the power off a replacement of the Samsung Note 7 in the United States, a passenger plane on fire smoke, burn the floor plane. U.S. Federal Aviation Administration, the U.S. consumer product safety commission 5 to investigate the matter. It is worth noting that, according to Chinese Samsung had issued a statement, replaced in the overseas market with the new Note7 mobile phone in the China official sales of the state line version of "provide the same battery suppliers". Chinese Samsung previously stated: "in September 1st, we officially SOLD China the state line version of Note 7 is controlled under the system of production in the global unified quality standard and product, is used and overseas in September 2nd announced the recall of products of different suppliers of battery products, at the same time, the domestic and international certification and testing three party independent research organization analysis, we can ensure the safety and reliability of products." The statement, published in September 29th, also said that in China, the country’s version of the Note 7 burning incident occurred, the presumption of external thermal shock caused by the loss of mobile phone. (in the new latitude and longitude APP)相关的主题文章: