Samsung: give money to developers to do for the application of the Tizen –   digital Sohu;   according to foreign media reports SamMobile, Samsung has been hoping to own Tizen system spreading out, but the effect is not ideal. Recently, Samsung Corp officially launched the application developers to develop incentive programs, they want to be able to use cash incentives to promote developers to develop applications for the Tizen system. Samsung gives money to developers: to do the application for Tizen bar! Tizen (IndianExpress);       this incentive program is the first attempt to expand the Samsung software lineup. From February 2017 to October, the top 100 app developers can get $ten thousand per month for the first time in 9 months. Samsung’s vice president of global product management Woncheol , Chai said that in recent years, Samsung’s emphasis on Tizen is constantly improving, Samsung’s smart TV and smart wristbands have begun to try to use the Tizen system.       in June this year, when executives revealed to the outside world, Samsung is planning to let all its products using Tizen operating system. Reported that this is Samsung Electronics in order to reduce dependence on the Android platform. The executives admitted that the company has been relatively late in the development of its own platform and ecosystem, but Samsung has made more and more progress in this area, and Tizen is not just a platform for the development of mobile devices.       Tizen Samsung has released several products before, in 2014 the company had launched the Gear smart watch, the use of Tizen operating system, in addition, Samsung also launched the India Tizen system equipped with Z series intelligent mobile phone, and sold at a lower price. Samsung said, Z- brand Tizen mobile phone system is deeply welcomed by consumers in India, in the first quarter of this year, Samsung sold about 64 million mobile phones, Tizen proved its competitiveness.相关的主题文章: