Russian media: Sino Russian military exercises expressed mutual support   or let the U.S. military — neuroticism according to the Russian satellite network in September 12, Russia’s strategic situation, director of the center of Ivan? "Said Ralph nova, Russia joint maritime -2016 exercise will be held in the South China Sea, which is the mutual support to strengthen the military and political fields in Russia realistic promotion. Joint military exercises will be held from September 12th to 19 in the South China Sea airspace, coastal and water areas. The most intense phase of the exercise will be held from September 15th to 19. It is reported, will collaborate to drill anchorage defense work, rescue boats escort, rescue the hijacked ship, joint prevention and control system and target identification. In addition, plans to implement a joint missile missile on the sea target. The end of the exercise program conducted jointly by the air landing in the enemy occupied island. Experts believe that similar exercises in order to demonstrate the cooperation between the two navies. Taking into account the exercise of the region, but also shows the mutual support between the two countries. Experts say, " last year, ‘Maritime Union’ held in the mediterranean. At that time, China supports russia. Russia now supports China in the South China sea. Konovalov believes that the United States in the region to strengthen the pressure on China, the two countries continue to intensify confrontation, can not see the signs of the South China Sea conflict mitigation. These exercises are to strengthen the mutual support of Russia and China in the field of military and political reality. Experts pointed out that, for Russia, to participate in such exercises is a major political initiatives. Experts said, " in fact, the scale of these exercises is not large. We have only a few ships. This is not a show of scale, but Washington will still receive some kind of ‘news’. The U.S. will have some neuroticism reaction. " this is the fifth joint naval exercises held by the Russian navy fleet, designed to consolidate the pragmatic cooperation between the two navies and the navy to defend against the threat of the sea. " joint maritime -2015" military exercises held in the mediterranean. (Cao Kun, the commissioning editor: Qiu)相关的主题文章: