Ruan Chunfu: expects Hongkong to further ASEAN economies – Beijing, China News Agency, Hongkong (reporter Wen Qing) in September 14, Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruan Chunfu 14, said in Hong Kong, Hongkong can expect future more in-depth ASEAN economies, and welcome to Hongkong enterprises to invest in Vietnam, such as finance, insurance, mutual development of shipping, processing of agricultural products cooperation in the fields of space. Hongkong Chinese General Chamber of Commerce and industry of Vietnam will in 14, jointly organized by the Hong Kong business exchange ", and invited Ruan Chunfu and the acting chief executive of the Hongkong SAR Yuan Guoqiang officiating, introduced as both business and investment status, and explore each other business prospects for cooperation and development opportunities. Ruan Chunfu said that in recent years, Vietnam is a good momentum of development, economic growth was recorded in 2015 6.5%, the per capita GDP of $5600, inflation remained low, coupled with the population of the golden age, favorable economic development speed. Ruan Chunfu expected, with Vietnam’s exports to China increased orders, bilateral trade volume in 2016 will reach $100 billion, and points out a clear direction of cooperation between China and Vietnam, especially the deepening economic and trade cooperation, will promote the two countries reached an important basis for more effective and more quality and more long-term development lay. Yuan Guoqiang said in his speech, Vietnam as an important trading partner of ASEAN in Hongkong, the two economic and trade relations have been stable development. 2015, Vietnam is Hongkong’s ninth largest trading partner, bilateral trade volume of more than $16 billion, while Hongkong is Vietnam’s sixth largest source of direct investment. Yuan Guoqiang believes that the recent economic and trade exchanges between Hongkong and ASEAN become more frequent, I believe that with the Hongkong to join China – ASEAN Free Trade Area, will help further stimulate trade and investment growth in the region. Cai Guanshen, honorary president of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hongkong, said that Hongkong and Vietnam have maintained close economic and trade ties. With the further integration of regional economic development, Hongkong and Vietnam can actively strengthen cooperation through play to their respective advantages, jointly East Asia Trade and investment cooperation between the agents, and leading enterprises in the area in the "The Belt and Road", "two corridors and one ring" regional cooperation framework for investment and development opportunities. Under the testimony of Ruan Chunfu and Yuan Guoqiang, the Vietnam chamber of Commerce and industry and the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Hongkong, Hongkong? Vietnam chamber of Commerce and the Hongkong Trade Development Council signed a memorandum of cooperation to strengthen bilateral economic and trade exchanges and cooperation between industrial and commercial enterprises. In addition, from Vietnam, Chinese mainland and Hongkong a total of 13 enterprises in exchange meeting signed 7 cooperation agreements. (end)相关的主题文章: