Room glass door broken scratch 8 year old boy hotel to the guests claim thousands of yuan hotel bathroom glass door broken. The figure for JINGWAH Times News (reporter Wang Yue) according to Mr. Qi Nanjing reflect, during the national day five of them travel to Beijing, the hotel’s glass door broken will hurt children, discuss that the shop Fanzao claims 1000 yuan. Mr. Qi said that in October 4th, about 8:30 in the morning, his 8 year old son in Beijing Guilong hotel are the toilet, bathroom glass door suddenly broken, child leg broken glass scratched, but the 6 day of the check-out, compensation glass costs 1000 yuan hotel. The two sides dispute to no avail, 500 yuan deposit is not refundable hotel stay to pay Mr. qi. The scene photos provided by Mr. Qi, a fan in the bathroom, bathroom glass door broken, large pieces of glass scattered on the ground, "the kid in the toilet, but fortunately no serious injuries, but still frightened." Qi said, according to the children recalled, he did not touch the glass door. Qi believes that should not be responsible for broken glass. Mr. Qi told reporters, "I was in a hurry to catch a plane, the dispute after the fruit, only to leave." Mr. Qi said that the current hotel side did not specify the reasons for broken glass, and did not return its 500 yuan deposit. Around 3 yesterday afternoon, the reporter called the hotel side, a staff member said that the matter has been resolved with the guests, then hung up the phone.相关的主题文章: