The residence permit next week can bid online continuous payment of the tax certificate – half can be directly Beijing Beijing News (reporter Li Yutong) reporter learned yesterday, Beijing police recently launched a permit increased equipment service measures, including continuous pay personal income tax or social security to pay for the full 6 months, can be directly handled residence permit. In addition, the residence permit online self registration and reporting services will be opened next Wednesday (November 30th). Tax or social security even pay 6 months can permit yesterday, the Beijing police, the government and relevant departments to coordinate, for office to obtain employment salary to pay 6 months for personal income tax certificate, or pay for 6 months of social security (five) certificate for residence permit flow the population of valid proof of residence time of materials, solve part of the floating population residence permits can only prove the living time in Beijing problems. Continuous payment of 6 months starting and ending time refers to the month before last month to push the continuous payment of 6 months. ) to have received the residence registration card with the masses, such as the new two live time proved that the material is one of the conditions, the residence registration card and proof materials, to the current residence permit application for renewal of the police station. On the Internet has not yet received an appointment to the residence registration card of the masses, can be opened on the Internet after the residence permit for business, apply for a residence permit on the internet. According to the urban population Corps responsible person, since the implementation of the residence permit system since October 1st, because the number of floating population is large, part of the floating population is relatively concentrated area appeared the masses rush queuing phenomenon. To this end, the Beijing police launched an increase of staff, to extend the office hours and other methods to alleviate the above phenomenon, on this basis, the police recently launched a number of equipment, including the increase of 4 convenient service measures. As of November 25th, Beijing police have accumulated residence permit (card) up to 823 thousand pieces. The online booking service next Wednesday on the line according to the Beijing police, the police station and the city’s household flow tube station processing equipment will be the first 856 units to 2600 units, the city residence permit (card) daily by the initial total less than 5000, rising to 26 thousand, to maximize the ease people queuing when the phenomenon of. According to monitoring, since they set up the registration card to implement online booking channels open, the platform visits up to 2 million 336 thousand, there have been 37.3 Beijing million registered successfully, has been successful appointment to apply for a residence registration card, a total of 215 thousand. In addition, the Beijing police, they set up the registration card after the implementation of online booking, online booking service residence permit will officially launched on Wednesday. At the same time, Beijing police set up more than 10 inspection teams, targeted for the city’s household registration police station for inspection and supervision. Beijing police said, the public security organs will be completed before the end of December, the remaining more than 2 thousand flow tube station residence permit for special equipment allotment, do city police station and flow tube station to apply for a residence permit related business full coverage. In particular, the next week on the Internet to open a residence permit online self registration and reporting services, to maximize the local people do. In addition, Beijing police tips.相关的主题文章: