Real Madrid 1 will comeback when he received cheers: Zidane zero error eleventh round of La Liga Real Madrid 3 than 0 Eli Gane J 38 ’45’ Baer, 76 ‘morata + sports reporter Claudio reported in the Liga eleventh round of a contest, Real Madrid in the home court 3 to 0 victory over Eli Gane J, made 4 League wins. Because Atletico in this round of the game away to the Royal Society, Barcelona and Real Madrid behind 2 points, so in this victory, Real Madrid will continue to sit tight in the premiership. At the same time, the Milky Way warships are also rare in this game without conceding a goal, and the last time zero rivals dates back to the second round of the League at Espanyol, Real Madrid in the game to win 2-0. For Real Madrid in the defense of the performance, Zidane also said he was more satisfied: we did not lose the ball in the game, which is the result of the team on the defensive side of the effort, which is not easy to do. Our defense has been criticized in the past few games, but also under a lot of pressure, but the game we played very well, I hope to be able to maintain this state." Although the 3-0 win over Eli Gane J, but Real Madrid is not easy to win. After the opening, the two sides of the offensive rhythm are slightly slower, but it also gave Eli Gane J players with enough time in complete recovery after closing down station, 15 minutes before the game, Real Madrid is difficult to find a good opportunity to break, it is difficult to break through the defense of Eli Gane J. At the same time, Eli Gane J came to defend the determination in the opening after the defensive action is large, effectively block Real Madrid attack. This Zidane said: "the beginning of the game opponent caused great pressure to us, has been in high closing down, but in Baer’s opener after the situation has changed, then we dominated the game." Modri injured after Real Madrid in the midfield organization has been experiencing a huge challenge, but fortunately, Isko Kovacic and cross the game have a good play, it is also their 3 assists, helping Real Madrid in the home court amassed 3 points. Sixty-second minutes, Modri finally returned to replace Kovacic on the stage, "the Magic Flute" caused Bernabeu fans cheers, so that Real Madrid playmaker gained immediate effect. 30 minutes later, in the face of Eli Gane J’s metal matrix, passing out repeatedly Modric has threat, Real Madrid in the periphery of the organization has become more orderly and comb. Although not able to complete the assists or break, but Modri for Real Madrid’s role in his 30 minutes of the show reflected incisively and vividly. For Modric’s return, Zidane feel very happy: "Modric’s comeback makes me feel gratified, he also did not have any symptoms of discomfort. Modri after the debut of the performance, I think you can use the ‘zero error’ to describe, which is good news for the team, he is very important for the role of the team." Welcome to download the most professional sports sports + APP"相关的主题文章: