Rainbow Night Iceman: take the ice ice jacket to wear sweat like rain (Figure) – Beijing into the freezer, ice factory workers to wear thick cotton padded jacket. Your life is to air conditioning? Anyway, I started last week, Chengdu open oven mode, we have been unable to calm, can not go out, they have to hide in the air-conditioned room to eat watermelon, drink cold drinks. However, there is a group of people in Chengdu: high temperature at 35 degrees Celsius on the roast, was shivering, wearing cotton padded jacket, simply can not tolerate! Don’t worry, be cold runny nose, he also got outside, to accept the "bake test". They have a name — "is not known, the iceman". Every day, they will be hundreds of tons of ice, from ice factory to seafood restaurant, hotel, bar and substation, for cooling high temperature city "". From the cold storage -10 C, cold enough to wear a cotton coat; and then to the outside of the 35 DEG C, stuffy in the truck, any sweat wet body. Every day, they should be at least 10 times to send ice, busy from morning to night. Rainbow Night. Cold storage minus 10 degrees cold to wear cotton padded jacket Xiao this year 25 years old, work in Chengdu Shuangliu an ice factory, is sent to the novice to the Iceman "". To outsiders, the ice factory work in the summer must be very cool, is cool and comfortable, small Xiao said he was cold comfort. Made of ice why? In fact, is a large industrial ice machine refrigeration, freezing of the water in the pool, and then be stored in the frozen curry out. Speaking of cold storage, Xiao Xiao could not help but tremble, "ooh, it’s really cold!" he said, kept the ice frozen Curitiba hundreds of tons, in order to prevent the ice melted, frozen curry has been constant — minus 10 degrees, and the workers had to wear thick cotton padded jacket, wear boots and gloves. Xiao’s work, every day from the frozen curry put ice out, after loading to every corner of the city. Each time the truck, he will enter the frozen library, to feel the cold malicious". "On the outside to feel too hot, a moment into the freezer, you will feel the cool breeze, very comfortable." Xiao said, entering the cold storage after a half a minute, will feel a chill hit, must immediately put on thick cotton coat, or you will be frozen stiff, purple lips. Xiao Xiao transported 35 kilograms of ice to the substation. Hot outside more than 35 DEG C bored to wet from freezing to ice loading, curry out, Xiao Xiao will follow the truck master, a group of two people, scattered in the city to send customers ice. From the beginning of last week, Chengdu opened the oven, temperature has been hovering around 35 degrees Celsius, the surface temperature is not, this also let the ice factory busy. Starting at 6 in the morning, Xiao Xiao had to get up and rushed to the factory, together with the truck master to send ice to customers. The weather is too hot, the demand is strong, sometimes, he must be busy until 11 in the evening. The peak, he will send more than and 10 times a day, including hot pot restaurants, bars, substations, hotels…… Most of the ice truck, a lot of air conditioning, even if there is air conditioning, and some drivers feel burning oil distressed相关的主题文章: