Quality of painting! "Rewrite" the second quarter made the decision in July before the new launch, many anime fans can look forward to the "Rewrite" outstanding performance. After all, this is a very classic game adaptation. But the first quarter of the animation has ended, but from the word of mouth and did not meet the expectations of the audience. Recently, the official announcement: the second quarter animation will be broadcast on January next year. In the end of the first quarter, there has been the world’s destruction of the story, but what will happen in the second quarter? At present, many users guess should be M line +T line of the trend, perhaps more stable than the first quarter of the story. Of course, there are a lot of people worry: the first quarter of the quality of the painting are the same, the second quarter can look forward to it? In this regard, M station will continue to focus on! The stage of the work is a green city – wind festival. King Hu Lang is the temple too advocated "the coexistence of man and nature" in urban residents. In this peaceful city, once a year will usher in the celebration — the anticipated harvest season". But when people celebrate this festival is too large, but Lang began his career working. The content of the work is to collect the materials in the newspaper articles. This is due to the spread of unidentified creatures in the wind offerings, as well as some supernatural phenomena. But Hu too long haven’t noticed, he will look for is that nobody knows the truth "". [source: Tencent anime]相关的主题文章: