The error has not yet arrived in Kunming, Qatar machine referee enforcement card in the Warring States last train back foot Haigen toot Mei fang absent and China teams, not bad money was originally planned to take the Qatar team also charter flights to 12 match each away game. But because of the team’s charter to undertake Qatar Airlines not to fly to Kunming route, not landing in Kunming license, so the team had to ride in Thailand Bangkok ordinary airliner in china. But even if is such "condescending", Qatar team still can’t catch up with the scheduled flight, as of this time so far, they have not arrived in Kunming. This means that the team before the game to adapt to the environment only less than 2 days. Although Qatar team has 4 players in this game absence of World Cup Asian zone Saizhongka 12 strong teams, Captain Hedos injured debut uncertain in the league, but the team coach Fossati for "squeezing out" Chinese team is confident, for China team will be located at an altitude of 2000 meters near the home court in Kunming, Qatar the team also made careful preparations. Prior to this, the team in Doha is located in the "anaerobic training hall" in a number of conditions to adapt to plateau training, so the "plateau advantage" for Chinese team to help much, perhaps the only answer to race day. Qatar team arrived in Kunming will stay in the five star Suofeite Hotel, due to the reason for being late, the Qatar team is likely to be added before the official training before the game tonight. It is understood that the enforcement of the referee all from the west, the referee from Iraq, do not know at this critical moment, the referee will be "Lahiya brothers"? Kunming newspaper news reporter Xiao Nan相关的主题文章: