Pu Jinhui was arrested in South Korea "bestie reduction intervention" before and after the Sohu news in new network on 1 November, (Li Xiajun) in foreign countries for several months after the October 31st local time, South Korean President Park Geun hye "bestie" Cui Shunshi back to Korea appeared, expressed its willingness to "politics" incident with the prosecution investigation, and to the people apologize. According to CCTV News reported that South Korean prosecutors announced that night, the implementation of its emergency arrest. Since October 24th, "bestie Park Geun hye intervention" since the incident, around this question, protests and accusations has never subsided. How did this scandal, which shocked the South and South Korea, have been uncovered and fermented? With the Pro as sisters to describe the dry politics door, the relationship between the two heroines, not too much. The relationship between the two Cui Pu can be traced back to 40 years ago — Cui Shunshi’s father Cui Taimin was the father of late President Park Geun hye, a confidant of Pu Zhengxi, Pu Zhengxi and his wife has become after the assassination of Cui Taimin Park Geun hye’s mentor. Cui Shunshi is Cui Taimin’s fifth daughter. 1976, Cui Taimin will set up a number of groups of their own, to invite Park Geun hye as honorary president, as the president of the group of college students, the president of the United States, the two met. After Shunshi become Cui four years older than its park bestie, said the "sister". Cui Shunshi’s ex husband, Zheng Runhui served as Senator Pu Jinhui of secretary chief. "Bestie intervention" the outbreak of the fuse dates back to last year. In 2015, the daughter of Cui Shunshi Zheng Weiluo in "equestrian students" identity was admitted to the Ewha Womans University, Ewha university enrollment in the past have never had a ride. ". Zheng Weiluo admitted, the school suddenly got a lot of national research funding research projects; never attended the classroom, even the report to deal with the problem of Zheng Weiluo, actually get high marks in the exam. The evening of October 29th, nearly twenty thousand South Korean people and non-governmental organizations held a candlelight vigil in downtown Seoul, condemned the "political cronies adverse impact event brings to the South Korean society, President Park Geun hye is responsible for the matter. The picture shows the people at the scene to write a petition to find out the truth. China News Agency reporter Wu Xu photo in August this year, the teachers and students of Ewha Womans University held a large-scale demonstrations to protest the "sale of school degree, forced President Cui Jingji to resign in October 19th. The relationship between the outside world for Shunshi by Cui park’s illegal profit, misappropriation of funds are also rumors have not subsided. Cui Shunshi was accused of using relationship with Park Geun hye a number of large enterprises in Korea forced the generous "donation", 80 billion won a large sums of money flowing into the Cui Shunshi shell companies". Although rumors continue, the outside world has not been able to capture two people suspected of transporting evidence of interest. All sorts of rumors, South Korea jtbc TV released in October 24th "Mengliao", finally let "bestie intervention" is a real hammer. This television reporter found in Cui Shunshi’s office a discarded computer, there is no official position of the Shunshi Cui received 44 copies of Park Geun Hye speech. On the electronic documents of these notes, there are traces of Cui’s comments, involving the internal affairs and external affairs of South Korea相关的主题文章: