Pu Jinhui agreed to recommend by Congress Prime Minister Cui Shun continued work on Administrative Investigation – Sohu news Xinhua news agency in Seoul on 8 November, (reporter Wang Jiahui) in the "political cronies" storm of the South Korean President Park Geun hye said 8, Congress is willing to appoint the recommended candidate as prime minister. On the same day, South Korean prosecutors confirmed "trusted intervention" event central figure Cui Shunshi did review of confidential government documents, and intensify the investigation about her problems involving corruption. According to Yonhap news agency, Park 8 to Congress, for about 13 minutes in a meeting with President Ding Shijun. Pu Jinhui said that as president, the biggest job is to make the government run normally, if Congress recommended by Party consultation after the candidate, she will appoint as prime minister and the cabinet of duct. Earlier, President Roh Moo-hyun Pu Jinhui nominated staff Kim Bingzhun for the new prime minister, but was strongly opposed to the opposition party. South Korean media believes that park Geun hye’s 8 position means that she withdrew the nomination of Jin Bingzhun. In this regard, the ruling new national party urged the government welcomed the consultations on this matter; but the opposition is completely relegated to second tier Park "". Yonhap reported that the Justice Department said 8 tablet computer prosecution special prosecutors of Shunshi Cui used to carry on the analysis, which confirmed the more than and 200 documents are mostly confidential documents before the government officially open, including Park speech with North Korea, non-public information, contact information and other state conference. The prosecution also found that Cui Shunshi asked the government to convey specific documents recording from affiliated Secretary Zheng Hucheng’s mobile phone front tiles, Zheng Hucheng in the survey said that the document is by Pu Jinhui convey instructions. At present, the prosecution is to become the object of Zheng Hu, Cui Cui on the level of political action to focus on the investigation. Special prosecutor’s office, 8, said about to be held on the road around the work of the public prosecution of Cui on 19. Prosecutors also said that currently on direct investigation of Park Geun hye’s scheme are discussed, as early as next week to finalize the investigation, whether the way and time. Pu Jinhui said earlier, is willing to "trusted intervention" event to accept the prosecution investigation, and strengthen the communication with the government. In addition, 11 hour raid of 8 prosecutors in Seoul Seocho Samsung headquarters liaison room, President of Samsung outreach director and Korean Equestrian Association Park commercial office of the town and other places, and confiscated the computer hard disk and all kinds of information. At the same time, the Town Park commercial housing, South Korea, South Korean Equestrian Association Association and other things horse had also been raided 9 locations. In 2015 Samsung suspected of consulting fees on behalf of Cui Shunshi to provide 2 million 800 thousand euros in Germany company (about 20 million 970 thousand yuan) funds, the prosecution that Samsung bribe presidential cronies to profit. 8, 2009, South Korean public protests continued. The 144 dance group, south of the Five Ridges 100 university professors, college students, the Far East North Chungcheong Gyeonggi central local lawyers association and other groups by issuing the declaration, the day held signature activities and other forms of protest Park "cronies intervention" event, asking them to step down. (end)相关的主题文章: