Promote the orderly return of the housing market in the first three quarters of 2016, some cities housing prices appear concentrated, excessive rise, causing widespread concern in the market. More than and 20 hot cities in time to sell, because the city Shi policy, limited loan restriction, multi pronged approach to curb the rapid rise in house prices momentum. Currently, the community is expected to change, the market speculation, irrational behavior began to cool. This round of rapid rise in housing prices, the main features of high leverage funds. But specific to each hot city, performance is not the same. Visible, classification guidance, because the city of Shi policy, and even a district policy, is a necessity. This regulation, Kita Kamihiro even cohabitation first-tier cities square, but the regulation policy is the emphasis on Beijing to curb non ordinary commodity housing speculation, Shanghai focus on strengthening the housing transaction fund supervision, and early housing prices relatively high in Guangzhou, is the focus of the implementation of differentiated credit. From the control point of view, "personalized control measure", can the quasi local real estate market channels, more conducive to promoting the housing market orderly return orbit. At the same time due to the implementation of the city policy, the government should also be precise force to protect the livelihood of the real estate property, which is due to the property market regulation. On the one hand, can not hit the first home buyers just need, and to consider the residents reasonable improvement needs, at the same time, but also to curb the current real estate market speculation, this is undoubtedly the regulation level and control ability of local government to put forward higher requirements; on the other hand, the government should adjust measures to local conditions, develop their potentials, increase the capped-price housing, affordable housing, low rent housing and affordable housing in the intensity and frequency, let low-income housing". It should be noted that China’s real estate market corner, not just a few second tier hot cities, as well as a large number of three or four tier cities. Currently, the three or four tier cities are facing greater pressure on the stock. With the advance of urbanization and the 100 million people into the city to achieve the goal, more housing demand will also be stimulated. Therefore, improve policies, strengthen supporting, creating the environment, and actively guide social capital into the three or four line of the city, but also should not neglect the lessons.相关的主题文章: