Profit taking pressure HuJiao, pupil differences to expand Huitong news network February 24th — by Chinese new positive impact, the domestic commodity futures rebound, coupled with the introduction of a series of supportive policies producing countries, Bull Power LED, HuJiao main 1605 contract last week rose 4.12% this Monday, the highest price of 10840 yuan tons, a record high since November 2015. But as quickly pulled the rubber price, long profits, short counterattack, pupil differences expand again, or high consolidation. Position data released by the previous official website show that the top 20 seats, the Bulls lighten up significantly stronger than the short, the former total reduction of 3991 hand long positions, while the latter reduced by 1716, empty head inch, less than half of the former. In addition, the number of warehouse receipts seat reduction, multi Camp Camp shows dense state, there are 13, bear camp has 12. The bull camp holdings of more than 500 hand seats 5, which Chinese international futures holdings of 1065 seats, in the first place, Yongan futures seats, Shenwan futures seats, Xing futures seats and the new lake futures seats were reduced by 801, 635 hands, 673 hands and 501 hand hand, highlights the strong willingness of long profits. However, the long camp in the holdings will be low, the intensity is relatively limited, the maximum is not more than 400 hands. Yongan futures soared over the empty seats, 1033 hand, the release of a strong rise in the future bearish and suggesting HuJiao breakthrough before the high kinetic energy to continue upward weakening. At the same time, the adjustment of risk is also conducive to short back. At present, the market many factors continue to appear, multi camp push up period prices have emboldened, but bears rely on the weak end demand reality, but also launched a fight. With the expansion of HuJiao differences between long and short market, the future is expected to open the high trend of consolidation. Beijing time 13:40, the previous May rubber futures reported 10590 tons. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

获利了结打压沪胶,多空分歧再扩大   汇通网2月24日讯――受中国新政利好影响,国内商品期货回暖,加之产胶国扶持政策接连出台,多头力量主导下,沪胶主力1605合约上周涨幅4.12%,本周一最高价10840元 吨,创2015年11月以来新高。但随着胶价快速拉升,多头获利了结,空头反扑,多空分歧再度扩大,或出现高位盘整。      上期所官网公布的持仓数据显示,前20席位中,多头减仓力度明显强于空头,前者合计减少3991手多头头寸,而后者减少1716手空头头寸,不及前者的一半。此外,减持仓单席位的数量上,多头阵营呈现密集状态,有13家,空头阵营有12家。   多头阵营中减持500手以上席位有5家,其中中国国际期货席位减持1065手,居于首位,永安期货席位、申万期货席位、兴证期货席位和新湖期货席位分别减少801手、673手、635手和501手,凸显多头获利了结意愿强烈。不过,多头阵营在增持方面的意愿偏低,力度较为有限,最高不超过400手。   永安期货席位多翻空,猛增1033手,释放出强烈的止涨看跌信号,暗示沪胶在突破前高以后,继续上行的动能减弱。同时,调整风险的来临也有利空头反击。   目前市场偏多因素不断出现,多头阵营推涨期价较有底气,但空头依托终端需求疲弱的现实,也展开了抗击。随着沪胶市场多空分歧的扩大,未来料将开启高位盘整走势。   北京时间13:40,上期所5月橡胶期货报10590元 吨。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: