The UAE Prime Minister raided late catch 9 officials lost original title: UAE Prime Minister Zhagang arrested late the Xinhua news agency Xinhua Dubai, UAE vice president and Prime Minister Sheikh Sheikh Mohamed bin Rachid al Maktoum 28 on the early morning raids a number of government departments, but found a number of senior officials did not arrive. The day is Sunday, but in the UAE is a normal working day. "Gulf News" reported that the morning Zhagang is al Maktoum habit, as is the personal supervision departments, to ensure that government agencies to achieve high standards. Al Maktoum morning 7:30 Zhagang, expect to see officials have started to work On your marks. But the government press office released a video of Al Maktoum alone in the desolate office, the shiny desk hangs on the wall of his office and photos, "master" has not come. Raided the day of the Department of Dubai, including the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of land, the municipal government and Dubai Airport. Al Maktoum did not name the late officials". However, people think, the government is responsible for the media office of Mona Amari, Al Maktoum wants to send a message: "executives should first do work on time." "Gulf Times" reported that Al Maktoum inspection work, 9 senior officials lost officer. (Chen Dan) responsible editor: SN146相关的主题文章: