Posing as a university professor help people university procedures fraud 300 thousand end La Fawang recently, Suixi County Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Brigade detained a suspected to help people university procedures under the guise of fraud online fugitives zhang. In June 2nd, Chen came to the Criminal Investigation Brigade to call the police, saying that it was swindled. The investigation, 2011 7, August day, the victim Chen Baoding to Hebei, a friend introduced by the suspect Zhang, Zhang professor at a university in Hebei city of Shijiazhuang Province, and that their contacts in the education sector, can give Chen son for admission and undergraduate graduation certificate, and required 150 thousand yuan as activities the funds, after Chen Zhang’s account to remit 150 thousand yuan. In 2014, Chen also commissioned Zhang to deal with a pharmacist’s certificate and remitted 150 thousand yuan to Zhang to be a fund for the activity. In May this year, Zhang sent Chen to a diploma in higher education self-study examination and a registration form for the graduation certificate of the self-study examination of the military higher education. After Chen’s inquiry on the education network, it was found that the diploma was not found. In addition, Zhang promised Chen to deal with the pharmacist’s certificate. After receiving the police, the Criminal Investigation Brigade immediately ran after Zhang on the Internet. Recently, the suspect Zhang was arrested in Ji’nan police station, the Criminal Investigation Brigade police handling the case will then be escorted back to the suspect Zhang sui. At present, the criminal suspect Zhang has been detained in accordance with the law, and the case is further dealt with.

冒充大学教授帮人办大学手续 诈骗30万终落法网   近日,濉溪县公安局刑侦大队刑拘一名涉嫌以帮人办大学手续为幌子诈骗的网上逃犯张某。   6月2日,陈某来到刑侦大队报警,称其被诈骗。经查,2011年7、8月份的一天,受害人陈某到河北保定时,通过朋友介绍认识嫌疑人张某,张某自称系河北省石家庄市一所大学教授,并称自己在教育部门有人脉,能给陈某儿子办理入学和本科毕业证,并提出需要15万元作为活动经费,后陈某就向张某的账户汇去15万元。   2014年陈某又委托张某办理药师证,并再次给张某汇去15万元为活动经费。今年5月,张某给陈某邮寄来一份高等教育自学考试毕业证和一张军队高等教育自学考试毕业证登记表。经陈某在教育网上查询,发现该毕业证编码查询不到。此外,张某答应陈某办理的药师证也没有办理。接警后,刑侦大队立即对张某进行网上追逃。   近日,犯罪嫌疑人张某被济南西站派出所抓获,刑侦大队办案民警随后将犯罪嫌疑人张某押解回濉。   目前,犯罪嫌疑人张某已被依法刑事拘留,案件在进一步办理中。相关的主题文章: