Philippine President " ordered " to recover;; claims on the South China Sea also require a U.S. – Sohu military channel according to Philippines’s "Star" reported on September 21st, previously said U.S. special forces "must leave Philippines" President Duthel Te once again adjust the position, claiming to Philippines in the South China Sea issue "interest", the current has not asked the U.S. from the withdrawal of Philippines. In September 20th, in a speech to the Philippines tenth infantry division, Duthel Te said: "I have never said (let the Americans) now leave Philippines, because no matter what, we need them in the South China Sea issue." Just over a week ago, Walter said publicly that the U.S. special forces must leave the "Southern Mindanao in the Philippines area, because U.S. soldiers might be a local extremist armed groups kidnapped, while the latter may seek to ransom. This statement has been widely interpreted as Duthel Te on the U.S. issued "immediately". But in a speech in September 20th, Walter also claimed that Philippines’s current equipment and strength, to carry out a military confrontation with China. He also complained that, although Philippines already has a number of fighters, but because the United States refused to sell to Philippines for fighters equipped with missiles, so they simply can not play the combat effectiveness of the aircraft. "The problem is that they don’t want to give us missiles…… Because there is no missile, our fighter can not be used, completely into the furnishings, I do not understand how these Americans think, in their eyes, we seem to be a low head." He said. International Studies researcher of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences Institute Li Kaisheng earlier on surging news said: "the United States and Philippines military cooperation in 5 major military bases, joint military drill and counter-terrorism cooperation in three aspects. The Mindanao special forces is to assist the counter-terrorism, in fact it has military base index significance." Li Kaisheng writes to the surging news, Walter to do is from Aquino III period to the "one-sided" to open the appropriate distance. This distance will not only give Philippines greater diplomatic space, but also bound to increase the sense of crisis in the United States, and even forced the United States out of better conditions to stay in Philippines. 2014, Manila and Washington signed an agreement to strengthen defense cooperation. According to the agreement, the U.S. military can be transferred in the form of access to Philippines, and the construction or operation of military facilities. After the signing of the agreement, the nationalists in Philippines have been protesting against the agreement. The recent protests occurred in September 16th, according to the Taiwan area "Chinese times" reported that day about 100 protesters gathered at the U.S. Embassy in Philippines, "the United States is the number one hit" stop terrorists "rape our country" and other slogans, protest lasted several hours.相关的主题文章: