"Pheasant" girlfriend of breast cancer with breast in January storm lost 13 pounds Chen Xiuru sickly arouses pity Chen Xiuru optimistic about Xiu Ru Chen according to the old Sina entertainment news according to Hongkong media reports, once in the movie "young people played in the arena of" pheasant girlfriend Chen Xiu Ru (Suki) was suffering from breast cancer, a month thin 13 pounds. Chen Xiuru, 1995 for the sub sister line, once in the "young man’s girlfriend in the rivers and lakes" in the pheasant tank, soon after the fade out the entertainment for nearly 10 years, with the architect husband Andy Bromberg emigrated to the United states. At the beginning of last year, Chen Xiuru in Hongkong to promote their own contribution to the launch of the recipe, the exposure of the left chest has a benign tumor of the water, and finally the use of minimally invasive surgery out of the organization. The thought of escape, but in July this year, Chen Xiuru body alarm again, the doctor found the abnormal test results of breast lumps, breast cancer, and Chen Xiuru chin were found in cancer cells. Chen Xiuru recently in Hongkong to accept the media telephone interview, said initially that cancer is very surprised, Chen Xiuru said: "there are 3, 4 grains like a wave of cancer cell tumor. In fact, when the water was discovered last year, said it was nothing, but unfortunately I have, and has changed the cancer cells, which can not be changed." She said she is not only breast cancer, as well as skin cancer, the bottom of the jaw is abnormal, surgery will be removed, the doctor said it would leave a scar. Chen Xiuru revealed that the body is weak, a month has lost 14 pounds (about 13 pounds). Although early breast cancer do not need chemotherapy, but the side effects of the drug, the patient can not stop vomiting, miserable. She said: "the hardest thing is to take medicine, the extent of vomiting in my life has not been, it is a collapse!" Although unfortunately suffering from cancer, but optimistic Chen Xiuru will be brave to face: life must face, life is the most important happy!" It is reported that Chen Xiuru is now living in the United States, a hospital in Seattle for treatment, in the middle of last month has been removed from breast cancer cell tissue, and fitted with milk.相关的主题文章: