Peru John Chinese school culture week brilliant – Beijing, Beijing, September 29, according to the Peru New World News reported, China dragon and lion dance, martial arts, dance, song Chinese Chinese…… A China exudes a strong wind from the Peru show, this is John twenty-three world secret school students, the closing ceremony of the wonderful performance in the Chinese culture week. The choral program "in the field of hope", the students sang pronunciation, lively rhythm won warm applause; the collective and individual martial arts one by one majestic-looking, extraordinary momentum; China Xinjiang dance, fan dance and jump out of the girl’s beauty and charm, Chinese drums and Peru Calhoun (Peru a local percussion full of passion, perfect fusion). These wonderful programs are teachers and students during the cultural week, the use of spare time to rehearse out. Chinese ambassador to Peru, Jia Guide, who participated in the show, fully affirmed the role of the school in the promotion of Chinese traditional culture. Especially the Chinese Bridge in Peru, the school won the championship two times, three players played for Peru to Chinese. The principal of the school in a closing statement, citing the school founder bishop Qiu Xianjue mission’s words: if China and Peru children can learn together, can pass a physical and psychological experience process, two kinds of wonderful culture into the society of Peru. Chinese culture week is John twenty-three world secret school of China cultural activities, held once a year, this activity has continued for decades in the school. During the school culture week every year, such as the creation of China calligraphy and painting, but also abacus lessons, text, handicrafts, posters and other rich and colorful forms for students to express their understanding of the Chinese. The school also has table tennis, martial arts classes, international events held every year. This year, Peru is the APEC host country, Peru’s president Kuczynski recently visited China, he personally invited President Xi attended the meeting and visit to Peru. The school teachers and students look forward to using this carefully prepared wonderful program to meet President Xi’s visit to Peru.相关的主题文章: