People’s Daily: canvassing votes adhere to a "zero tolerance" – Beijing, a day of the twelve session of the twenty-third meeting of the NPC Standing Committee, approved by the Credentials Committee on the part of the twelfth Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress elected by the National People’s Congress on behalf of the election invalid report, according to the law to determine the 45 national canvassing votes National People’s Congress passed the election invalid; decision on the establishment of the twelfth Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress of the seventh meeting of the preparatory group. In accordance with the law to punish serious canvassing bribery case, fully demonstrates the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the party strictly adhere to a comprehensive, comprehensive law, serious party discipline and resolutely punish corruption distinctive attitude and firm determination. Liaoning canvassing bribery case is dealt with since the establishment of the new China occurred at the provincial level, a serious violation of Party discipline, serious violations of political discipline and political discipline, major cases of serious violations of discipline and discipline, serious damage to the inner party electoral system and the National People’s Congress election system. The large number of people involved, a vile and serious nature, shocking. At present, the 45 National People’s Congress canvassing votes have been determined as invalid. Election law clearly stipulates that the use of money or other property to bribe voters or representatives, prejudice the voters and deputies to exercise their right to vote and the right to vote, the election invalid. The NPC Standing Committee identified 45 canvassing votes the National People’s Congress election invalid, decided to set up the Liaoning Provincial People’s Congress the next meeting of the preparatory group, in according to the law, strict procedure. Treatment of canvassing bribery case, fully reflects the firm determination of the Party Central Committee for canvassing votes "zero tolerance". It is an inevitable requirement for our party to rule the country according to law. Everyone is equal before the party discipline, regardless of what people involved, regardless of how many people involved, as long as the breach of Party discipline, will be investigated in the end, will not be tolerated. The party’s eighteen big since, in punishing corruption, the Party Central Committee’s attitude has been very strong, insist on opposing corruption, greed will have su. Xi Jinping, general secretary repeatedly stressed that the anti-corruption situation must continue to maintain high pressure, adhere to the zero tolerance attitude to punish corruption. Only the thorough investigation of illegal acts of corruption of the election, and in accordance with the law to seriously deal with, to win the hearts of the people, in order to maintain the status of our party in the people’s hearts and prestige. Treatment of canvassing bribery case, effectively safeguarding the people’s Congress System in china. The people’s Congress system is China’s fundamental political system, insisting on the leadership of the party and people in power, the rule of law the basic system of the organic unity of the arrangement. Engage in canvassing bribery, is a blatant challenge to China’s people’s Congress system and socialist democratic politics. The electoral system is an important part of China’s socialist democracy and rule of law. Whether the election is fair or not is directly related to the realization of the right to vote and the right to be elected, which is directly related to whether the people’s congresses at all levels can truly represent the interests of the people. The Party Central Committee has repeatedly stressed that the election of serious discipline, is strictly prohibited money, delicate gas is to ensure that the election. Liaoning canvassing bribery case once again sounded the alarm for us. When.相关的主题文章: