People’s Daily: the loss of real estate will be more than we will be homeless this time, the issue of concern. In Hangzhou, a purchase order, purchase of five thousand followers, the day before the implementation of the signing of 5105 sets of real estate; in Shanghai, in order to obtain a lower down payment and taxes, many people queuing fake divorce; in Beijing, a listed company through the sale of two sets of School District Housing security shell to continued life…… Large and medium-sized cities nationwide this round of price situation, creating a new round of property market boom, but also in the hearts of people roll up the waves. In the face of rising prices, there are people on the sidelines, a sense of panic, some hesitation, others to borrow usury together Shoufu prices, like a mirror, reflecting the diverse choices of different social groups. Rapid urbanization, the expected increase in power, the impact on the real economy, the financial risks may exist…… Professional analysis of economics, from various angles to show the complexity of the real estate market. High prices, the impact on the economy remains to be seen, but the impact on social psychology has emerged. As early as in Shenzhen when prices rise, the Internet to spread such a joke: a businessman 10 years ago selling business, after 10 years of hard struggle, and used the money to sell the house to buy back. Such a fictional story, in an almost allegorical way to poke to the real point of pain: in the face of rapid rise in prices, the struggle finally returned to the starting point. As a result, there are real estate owners shut down, bluntly, the opening of the factory is better to buy a few suites, and there is a room from the housing price increases and wage income comparison found that the house appreciation spike work hard". These social phenomena lurk such a logic, that is, the rapid rise in house prices, will make the value of the struggle against the value of the meaning of deconstruction struggle. This is perhaps the greatest impact of high prices on social psychology. "All the happiness in the world needs to be created by hard work", which should be the most solid consensus of the society. Only people believe in struggle and labor, and willing to create the future through their own hands, a society can be full of vigor and vitality. On the contrary, if a house appreciation will cover efforts struggle, and even become a person no matter how hard are unable to cross the gap, then in accordance with the principle of rational choice, real estate speculation will be popular, and steadfast struggle, diligent efforts will be ignored. And when the struggle is not as good as speculative real estate, it may establish a wrong orientation and values. According to data released by the central bank, in July this year, the new RMB loans 463 billion 600 million yuan, of which the proportion of new loans to the household sector accounted for nearly 99%, in stark contrast, it is a negative growth in corporate credit. Someone exclaimed: the United States, Haier, Suning, Gome to do real estate, Wahaha, Lang, Wuliangye real estate, even the Great Wall mattresses are in the real estate, real estate to make the final 72 lines are the same. If the public put more focus on short-term gains in real estate speculation, will occupy the long-term goal to strive for the space; and if the enterprises deviate from the real economy, the main direction, you may lose the core competitiveness, the ultimate threat power Chinese economic sustainable and healthy development of the. Prices have their own laws and regulations, real estate.相关的主题文章: