Travel-and-Leisure From country lane to luxury living, Park Lane in London has been a road paved in royalty. Park Lane which runs down the east border of Hyde Park was known as a fashionable residence since the 1700s. Grand and exquisite mansions lined the three-quarter mile stretch of road and held residence to the most well known aristocrats in Londons time. Although Park Lane has been reconstructed to a much larger city road than its bucolic beginnings, you can still visit and even stay at two of the mansions which were built during those times. The Duke of Westminsters Grosvenor House is now a famous Park Lane hotel managed by Marriot International. Originally it was known as the Gloucester House and was home to King George IIIs brother, the Duke of Gloucester. Its name was changed to Grosvenor when the second Earl Grosvenor bought the house in 1806. The name has stuck until this day and the Grosvenor house has be.e Londons largest five star hotel. The Holford Familys Dorchester House was built in 1853 and was designed to have its symbolic grand staircase as the centerpiece by the architect Lewis Vulliamy. In 1929, the house was demolished, and The Dorchester took its place. At The Dorchester Hotel visitors can enjoy their award winning afternoon tea while gazing upon the buildings Art Deco influences. Both Park Lane hotels reside at the epitome of elegance and are two of the most famous hotels in London. However, you cannot the beautiful attractions around this historical road. Just southeast of Park Lane, stands the magnificent Buckingham Palace. Buckingham House, as it was known in the 1700s, was purchased into royalty by Ge.e the III for his wife Queen Charlotte. It was also called The Queens House for obvious reasons. Visitors can view the Changing of the Guards from May through July, gain access to parts of the exotic palace gardens, and savor specially made royal ice cream. At the convergence of Park Lane, Knightsbridge, Piccadilly, Grosvenor Place and Constitution Hill stands the majestic gate of Hyde Park. One of the many entrances to this royal park, you can pass through and explore the grounds for the lush rose gardens, Weeping Beech known as the upside-down tree, and prominent memorials. Park Lane is surrounded with much to do, giving any avid traveler days of delight. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: