The parent class: education children must respect the 7 bottom line most of the people think that only adult talent can not touch the bottom line and weaknesses, in fact, far more than adults have a bottom line, children also have their own bottom line"! To be a qualified parents, please don’t come into the children’s early education at the same time in the minefield! The saying goes: The Curse jieduan. In the style of action, adults have long been familiar with such a set of unwritten "unspoken rules" – that is, do not touch the bottom line and weaknesses of others. In fact, far more than adults have a bottom line, children also have their own bottom line"! To be a qualified parents, please don’t enter the minefield! The bottom line: a certain shame with some shameful things "children are very sensitive to such as bedwetting like" wrong ", because they think these defects will make him lose face in front of the companion"". Therefore, whether it is a parent, or kindergarten teachers, should not be mentioned in front of small partners, but not ridicule, sarcasm. Bottom line two: certain mental disorders are more sensitive to mental illness related to a person who is suffering from a disease such as autism, depression or adhd. If people often talk about the mouth, is not conducive to disease recovery. Even if the disease has been cured, in front of the children often mentioned is also to Jieduan, also is not conducive to children’s mental health. The bottom line: three have some fault in adults it seems not worth mentioning "the blame", also makes some children for a long time when people refer to brood on that, they will have the "Scar". These "once the fault" may include: a game finished last in a performance hit the pot, a trip made a fool of myself, even as a child crying and so on. The bottom line: four experience of being beaten, corporal punishment was scolded, fined station corporal punishment is often the child "never forget the painful experience, not only because the flesh suffered heart, may also be affected by trauma. Even if the child has rarely been corporal punishment, but in the face of other people frequently mentioned in the past, the history of humiliation, will still make him into extreme embarrassment is difficult to extricate themselves. The bottom line: five physical defects such as flat feet, color blindness, short, fat, thin, small eyes, face and other physiological or physical defect, despite the "clear", but if you mention will also make the child frustrated from time to time. Even if it is a long time ago, such as the birth of thin skin or look like an ugly little old man, will make the child unhappy. Bottom line six: a small world of children who are often very attached to the value of their own small world, and as their own private territory". If the parents often without the consent of the child in their territory, check it, the child seems to be a flagrant violation of their privacy. The bottom line: seven save "case-dough" although children do not love money, do not know how to finance, but if the parents of children often saved "case-dough" "settlement", even for himself, the child will not feel their privacy is respected and protected. Canadians generally believe that the respect and protection of children’s "privacy" in essence, on the.相关的主题文章: