"Panda blood" mothers in need of platelets of nearly 30 people love on standby – Beijing new network in Huixian in September 13, (Wang Qiulan) recently, a Xinxiang a 24 year old mother was six months pregnant, because of low platelets, in a dangerous state, need to input RH negative blood type O plate, emergency for help!" The news brush exploded circle of friends. Even Japan, suffering from aplastic anemia Zhang Liting has also become the focus of people in society who love attention, a large number of people who love Everfount phone call came in, of which nearly 30 people love the panda blood has been well prepared, willing to donate platelets. Zhang Liting, who lives in Henan, Huixian RH negative type O blood (that is, panda blood), is a six month pregnant mother. Two years ago, in an inspection process before marriage, she was surprised to find himself suffering from aplastic anemia. Love Dong Zhijie is a cheerful young man, in his care and encouragement, unable to get up after a fall Zhang Liting become optimistic, two people finally entered the marriage hall. In more than half a month ago, when Zhang Liting is enjoying the time one family love and care, but fate with her to open a big joke, suffering from aplastic anemia, her body began to appear discomfort, nose began to bleed more than once, up to three of the longest time. Dong Zhijie told reporters that Zhang is now 300 of the value of the platelet was about $7, far below the normal value of 125 -, and now only rely on platelets to maintain life. The doctor mentioned that if there is no corresponding platelet, then her nose will be bleeding, but also caused her unborn baby’s insufficiency, even lead to fetal hypoxia. "We have consulted, the blood bank in Xinxiang and there is no suitable blood, but because the RH negative type O blood is very scarce, so we can only reluctantly to the society for help." In fact, as early as the first day of the news release, Zhang Liting couple has begun to receive a large number of caring people on the phone. These people love in the understanding of disease expressed wishes and greetings, said immediately donated platelets, promising to help patients better treatment of the disease also have caring people to give advice and suggestions, put forward to donations for patients. Zhang Liting told reporters, from the release of the message to September 13th, there are two mobile phone numbers left on the page basically did not stop, which is not imagined anyone. At present, there have been nearly 30 with panda blood who love to leave contact information, and their willingness to donate platelets, which makes the disease in the Zhang Liting to feel the warmth of the community, once again ignited the desire for life. According to her condition, now every 5 to 7 days to go to the hospital for a review." Dong Zhijie said that from the last time in Jiangsu has been a few days to lose platelets, at present, Zhang Liting sometimes have a small amount of bleeding. Let their family is happy, these people who had been mentioned in the phone, as long as the need for help, a phone call can be immediately arrived. "For the first time so many people’s attention and concern, for the first time to feel the sincerity between people, as well as相关的主题文章: