Female players in the VR game is also unable to control sexual harassment developers 工号9527为您服务�����

Female sexual harassment game player can not control lead developers in VR Games: VR and AR fans often promote immersion of superior efficacy in the treatment field, but sexual harassment has sounded the alarm industry: if in the VR by some unfair treatment by the trauma, then who will be accountable?   last month, Jordan Belamire (a pseudonym) found himself may become the first victim of sexual harassment in the VR world. Last month at her brother-in-law’s house, she experienced a game called QuiVr in HTC Vive. At that time, in a Belamire named "BigBro442" game player near wait, however, the game player suddenly facing Belamire, and floating toward her chest groping. This event was published on the blog Belamire, and caused widespread concern. There is no lack of controversy in the development of science and technology, but the occurrence of sexual harassment in the virtual world, not to define the nature of a proper name seems to be, after all anonymous harassment will let users in a no complaints situation: "(although there is no substantial damage, but I think the feeling) it is so true. Although there is no such thing as a god perspective to oversee a similar event, if you have ever seen such a thing, you may have understood my thoughts. This thing has happened for a week, but still gives me a lot of thinking." VR and AR fans often promote immersion of superior efficacy in the treatment field, Lei Feng network has done the relevant reports, but sexual harassment has sounded the alarm industry: if in VR due to unfair treatment by the trauma, then who will be accountable? In simple terms, it should not be the hardware or software companies. Vera Nova university law professor Michael Risch said, "VR suppliers might never blame." He believes that VR providers to a large extent by the communications code act 230 protection, the Act provides that the Internet computer service provider is not responsible for the content from users and other providers. Just like Twitter will not be responsible for all kinds of speech and harassment on the platform. "As long as they don’t do their own content, they don’t have to take responsibility." But Risch also said that if the supplier has designed a VR robot program that is always harassing the user, or even more serious, such as a VR game involving rape or personal attacks. In this case, Risch believes that the user can write to the code of the product provider of mental damage litigation. But in this case, the plaintiff would need to have sufficient evidence to convince the judge to make a verdict, after all, VR is not like novels, movies or traditional video games like the protection of speech. "In the VR world, the supplier also be restricted by law related, and in violation of sanctions," said Risch, the VR display in the same content to accept supervision, through the code of conduct and terms of service guarantee, in order to maintain all kinds of product specifications. But there is also a problem: many.相关的主题文章:

Chinese funded 1 billion pounds to buy the Liverpool Red Army Chairman definitely not sell www.haole15.com

Chinese open 1 billion pounds for Liverpool Reds Chairman: never sell the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes warrants this Friday, Liverpool club president Tom – Warner (Tom Werner) said again, Fenway sports group never sell Liverpool. Previously, there are rumors from China investors are willing to offer 1 billion pounds, intends to enter the Premier League football, and hope to buy the club of Liverpool. Tom, President of the Liverpool club, Werner (Tom), attended the opening ceremony of the new stadium at Anfield on Friday in Liverpool, on. When the media asked whether he will be easy to master the Liverpool club, Tom – Warner attitude clearly said, "I have said many times, the Liverpool club is not for sale. I don’t know how many times I have to say it, but today I want to emphasize that again. That’s all I can say." The transformation stands at Anfield in the summer, increase the capacity of the fans, this weekend is the stadium after the transformation of Liverpool in the new season’s first home court game, the opponent is the Premier League champions Leicester city. Tom – President Warner said that after the stadium capacity becomes larger, Liverpool can receive an additional 25 million pounds per year ticket revenue. The club seems to be increasing income situation, as long as the coach klopp led the Reds to achieve better results, Fenway sports group there is no need to sell Liverpool a shake Qian Shu. Liverpool football club is one of the England Football Super League team, founded in March 15, 1892, is a traditional England giants. Liverpool is one of the most successful clubs in the history of football in England, having won 18 of England’s top league titles, the FA Cup in England, and the England cup in the 8 time in the. In Europe, Liverpool is the most successful club in England, the 5 European Champions Cup, the 3 UEFA Cup champion, created the England record. It is worth mentioning that in addition to the top league and the FA Cup in England, the other is the highest record in the England league. The value of the 2015 world football club ranked eighth. Earlier, according to the British "Financial Times" reported that Chinese Everbright Group and private equity group PCP Capital Partners consortium has put forward the investment plan to the Premier League football club in Liverpool, they have the intention to buy a large number of shares held by Liverpool Fenway sports group. Liverpool boss, chairman of Fenway sports group Henry (John W Henry) are seriously considering the matter, and has hired Allen & Co; economic adviser, will buy a large stake in the consortium issues. But then Warner said, the team is not for sale, the club’s CEO Ian Eyre (Ian Ayre) said, "there is no consortium bid for the team, we have not any one to discuss investment matters". This summer, the Chinese bought the ownership of Inter, Milan and other European giants, but it seems that the boss does not want to sell the club in Liverpool. Editor 1相关的主题文章:

General Yu Manjiang was promoted to deputy commander of the South China Sea fleet will command the S vidalia

General Yu Manjiang was promoted to deputy commander of the South China Sea fleet will command the Sino Russian military exercises – Sohu Military Channel text with map: Yu Manjiang. In September 11th, the "Liberation Army Daily quoted Navy spokesman Liang Yang said, according to the annual plan, the Sino Russian navy in September 12th to 19, as the" joint military exercises joint maritime -2016 in Guangdong Zhanjiang held in the East China Sea airspace code. Among them, the South China Sea Fleet Commander exercises by deputy commander General Yu Manjiang as a. The report shows that the South China Sea Fleet Navy deputy chief of Staff Admiral Yu Manjiang has been promoted to deputy commander of the South China Sea fleet. He served as deputy chief of staff of the Beihai fleet, deputy chief of staff of the South China Sea fleet. South China Sea Fleet was founded in 1949, is one of the three naval fleet, deputy military region establishment, deputy commander of the fleet for positions. The report referred to the "combined" series of exercises is the largest Sino Russian naval exercises within the framework, since 2012 held the first exercises held, held once a year, among them, the 2012 exercise held in the Yellow Sea Chinese near Qingdao airspace, 2013 Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held, held in 2014 the East China Sea airspace China east of the mouth of the Yangtze River in 2015, exercise is divided into two stages, the first stage in the Mediterranean, the second stage Vladivostok in Russia near the sea of Japan Sea airspace held. Earlier, the Chinese Navy by the Beihai, the East China Sea Fleet forces to participate in joint maritime series of exercises, this year to the South China Sea Fleet forces to participate in the exercise.相关的主题文章:

Left behind children, the problem is to solve is not canceled www.34aaa.com

Left-behind children to solve the problem, not to cancel the original title: left-behind children to solve the problem, not to cancel the author: Liu Wenjia just because statistical reduced, people worry more generalized left-behind children group, will usher in "solving", and will be cancelled". 9 million 20 thousand of the statistics are more accurate, but should not reduce the pressure to solve the problem. How many children left behind in China? The Ministry of civil affairs before the given precise Mopai result after the current national rural left-behind children for 9 million 20 thousand people, more than 90% are located in the central and Western provinces. This and has been accepted by the public, "left behind children sixty million" is too far away, it will inevitably lead to a paper on the performance of the question. The popular "61 million left-behind children", research report from a few years ago by the National Women’s federation. In addition, University experts estimate that the number of left behind children and migrant children has reached one hundred million. What is the concept of these two figures? The former means that the size of the left behind children in China and the total population of the United Kingdom, while the latter means that one in every three Chinese minors have left behind children. Therefore, if only the digital comparison, the Civil Affairs Department of statistics will certainly have left-behind children "drop fifty million" "cliff fall" perception. In fact, the sharp decline of fifty million is the difference in the statistics of the illusion. Previously, the definition of rural left behind children is the parents go out to work, less than eighteen years of age". The Ministry of civil affairs in accordance with the law for the prevention of juvenile delinquency and the "State Council on strengthening rural left-behind children care for the protection of the views of" the standard statistical age set for "under the age of sixteen, the statistical conditions set for both parents of migrant workers" or "a party to the other party of migrant workers without the ability to care" there are laws and regulations "calibration" considerations, but also makes more "on target" helping the consideration of the reality. However, the public should still be concerned about the attention of the civil affairs departments. Precisely because of the narrow statistical caliber, people are worried that the broader issue of left behind children groups, will not usher in the solution, and will be canceled". In recent years, left-behind children are abused, abandoned news infringement, drowning, traffic accident, emerge in an endless stream, the news came at Dutch act. The distant parents, thin cool human, a life of poverty, fear, may occur at any time except for bullying and — left-behind children difficult ecology, has repeatedly expressed his urgency of comprehensive treatment to solve the problem of staying, has repeatedly expressed his need for "every child" can not fall. 9 million 20 thousand of the more accurate statistics, but should not reduce the pressure to solve the problem, but can not be based on the broad sense of the left behind children and urban migrant children throw policy considerations. In addition, it is precisely because of statistical changes, people do not see from the data in recent years to solve the problem of rural left-behind children did not see the progress of the construction of new urbanization, poverty alleviation of poverty, the reform of the household registration system, Suiqian children in school, home business policies to a large extent solved the problem of Left-behind children. If the civil affairs departments hard thoroughly for nearly a year to put reform policies.相关的主题文章:

On the day of negotiations Second Taiwan authorities recognize counsels fresh interpretation of ever ppbox

On the day of negotiations Second Taiwan authorities recognize counsels fresh interpretation of " every opposing land every day will soft " – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 1st "every opposing land, every day will be soft", and to "United against the United States and Japan", which has been from all walks of life refers to the Cai Yingwen administration’s ruling thought dimension and trick. Yesterday (October 31st), the first in the so-called "Taiwan on maritime affairs Cooperation Dialogue held on the occasion, Shimachi Minji party officials and politicians Bingfen Tokyo and Taiwan" Legislative Yuan ", the" routine "and with vivid interpretation of A. Before the negotiation of the blue camp saying: "every day will not soft every opposing land" Taiwan new government took office, the first "Taiwan Japan Marine Affairs Cooperation Dialogue meeting held in Tokyo on the 31 day. According to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities fishery, Sea Patrol, science and technology, foreign affairs and other departments have sent a delegation to attend the meeting. Before the meeting, Taiwan also stayed high level, so scheduled and attend the meeting as advisory guidance of former Chen Shuibian adviser, Ya Dong Qiu Yiren, President of the Association for relations "to Taiwan by the head of the leading warlord variable. For the attention of the Taiwan Chong Chong bird reef dispute, the Taiwan authorities said it would make representations in the dialogue, to fight for. The red bird controversy, Taiwan media reports review, in April this year, Taiwan fishing boats in the Okinotori reef waters surrounding the Japanese coast guard detained. Japan claimed that the Taiwan fishing boat into its exclusive economic waters fishing. When the leaders of the Taiwan region Ma Ying-Jeou said Okinotorishima reef is, Japan can not claim exclusive economic zone. Since then, the Cai Yingwen administration came to power in May has reached an agreement with Japan, to create "Taiwan Japan Marine Affairs Cooperation Dialogue" framework and daily conversation. Catch in Taiwan before the start of negotiations, Chinese KMT Legislative Yuan held 31 "Taiwan day delayed, sea bird reef fishing rights dialogue, rush to hold?" Press conference. The party’s chief deputy secretary Wang Yumin said, before the authorities do not adhere to the CAI Okinotori reef is today, must be strong supervision. In the past the DPP think anything can not "black box" to be transparent, so for the talks, "President Ya Dong" Relations Association Qiu Yiren must project report. Deputy Secretary of the KMT chairman Zhang Lishan said, hope that this dialogue mechanism can ensure that dragged on the views of Taiwan, also hope that the Cai Yingwen administration can really protect the rights, "not every day will be soft, every opposing land". "Taiwan Day dialogue" zero results do not throw the Japanese appeal of Taiwan reported yesterday morning from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the meeting ended, the parties in accordance with the order of fishery cooperation, maritime search and rescue cooperation, marine science and technology cooperation and other issues were discussed. Cooperation in fisheries issues, Taiwan has the right to claim fishing operations in the Okinotori waters, and expect Japan back fishing boats and bail. But Japan has insisted that the bird has its exclusive economic waters, the two sides each statement, there is no intersection. The talks scene, more the comments describe, eagerly looking forward to the birds of Taiwan fishermen dispute Chong will, the Taiwan authorities have no as, fishing rights, compensation, apology, a not, two delegations to harmony, Taiwan fishermen’s rights and justice? "Zero outcome" of the Japan Sea dialogue相关的主题文章:

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