The 5 inch screen with 10 beauty, what do you think of this HUAWEI

The 5 inch screen with 10 beauty, what do you think of this HUAWEI Nova? This article from the love of children in HUAWEI IFA 2016 (Berlin International Consumer Electronics Show) held a new conference. In this conference, they released three products: Nova and Nova Plus phones, as well as MediaPad M3 tablet PC. Illustrations from: Engadget Nova phone with the appearance of the previous launch of the Nexus 6P similar. The back part of the camera body will have a black glass cover, fingerprint recognition module is also placed under the black module. The HUAWEI logo, still placed in the back of the fuselage position. And the side of the fuselage with the transition surface, the back of the fuselage also has a certain radian, so that the user holding. The overall appearance is like a curved rounded version of P9 or Nexus 6P. The machine will launch four colors: silver, gray, rose gold, gold. HUAWEI Nova is equipped with 5 inches 1080P screen, 443ppi, 1500:1 contrast, 1.8mm narrow borders, screen accounting for 76%. The Nova is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 625 processor, the memory is 3GB, with 32GB storage space. It supports dual Nano Sim card, maximum support 128GB microSD expansion. However, one of the Sim card microSD card is a common card slot design. Want to double SIM card dual standby and memory card to expand the memory of the user, it is necessary to do a good job in advance. Nova uses a 8 million pixel front camera, support the "3 beauty" and "beauty 2". Self support fingerprint touch self time, convenient single hand control. Rear camera, Nova is equipped with a 12 million pixel camera, a single pixel size of 1.25 microns. The fuselage uses the USB Type-C interface, supports 5V 2A fast charge. With 3200mAh batteries, Nova can continue to play 5 hours Pokemon GO. The back of the fuselage fingerprint recognition module supports 3D fingerprint recognition, but also can use the "One-Touch Control" function. Nova support DTS sound, insert the headset can achieve 7.1 surround sound playback. Price, with 3GB RAM and 32GB ROM HUAWEI Nova priced at 399 euros. In addition to Nova, there is a larger screen Nova Plus: in addition, HUAWEI also brought a new tablet computer MediaPad M3: according to the different configuration, the HUAWEI MediaPad M3 will launch four versions: also, HUAWEI announced the blue and red color in the P9 conference. They also speaker brand Harman Kardon Harman Kardon cooperation, launched a transparent speaker products.相关的主题文章:

Huzhou 7 year old female was 2 under the knee has 50 years of solitary hillside-xingbayounichunnuanhuakai

Huzhou 7 year old knee had 2 female but alone halfway up the mountain for 50 years in the town of Changxing County Huzhou City cast Meishan Du Village, a seven year old, have two daughters under the knee, the age he lived alone, but in the hillside on the hill, what happened in the old man? Seventy elderly living alone in the hillside in September 30th, Meishan justice Li Yunhai and coal town throwing Du Gang Cun mediator who walk for about half an hour or so, came to the seven year old Xu chapter house. It is a mountain coal town ditch village on the left, the elderly live in a dilapidated room. Scattered desktop, abandoned Island, and the huge gap wall cracked, without proof, this is an old house in the elderly. 4 years ago, his wife died of Xu Xu chapter, chapter because communication and two daughters under the knee problems, and even lead to a series of family conflicts, alone in the dilapidated living on the verge of collapse. But in fact, the 70 year old man’s body is not suitable for living. Xu chapter suffering from severe diabetes and kidney stones, the need to use the catheter to the urine out of the body, because there is no money, once a month to replace the catheter, the elderly have not been able to replace. Xu told us that he had lived in this mud house for more than 50 years, and that all his two daughters under the knee had been at home. But mention his daughter, the old man’s heart is not the taste. There are two knees, but contradictory because the old old, barylalia, Meishan town ditch village mediation director cast his half a small Heisei "spokesman", he told us, a chapter has two daughters, the eldest daughter married, daughter, son-in-law, because his wife’s death, the elderly mental health is not very good. "The old man is a man of traditional ideas. He felt that the youngest daughter to recruit son-in-law, he should follow his daughter’s life, go to the eldest daughter home to wipe face." Open Xiaoping said. Can not live with her eldest daughter, Xu Zhang had to live with her daughter, but the relationship between the old man and the little son-in-law has been not very good, but also make a big contradiction. "Xu chapter of a tree, the tree did not sell his son in law to discuss. His little son unknowingly had cut the tree, the old man was shortness of breath, his little son car to burn." Open Xiaoping said. In the understanding of the process, we also learned that 4 years ago, a chapter of his wife died in a car accident, when they get a sum of about 600 thousand of the compensation and the compensation has become the catalyst of their contradictions. "At that time, we would like to pay three points, but the small son-in-law did not agree, and finally I called a lawyer to solve. My father is 180 thousand, and I’ve got a score of 180 thousand. But the little son-in-law thinks we shouldn’t take the money." Eldest daughter Xu Yehua said, she points to the money, so far useless. Xu Yehua said that his father would also like to live in the little girl’s house. But even though is a son-in-law, but her brother has been very strong, her sister has no right to speak at home. Considering the Xu chapter of the appalling living conditions, feared the high dangerous collapse, he quickly moved away from the hope of mediators of high dangerous. At the same time, also called the elderly daughter to the village mediation meeting room, to be able to negotiate the elderly living and maintenance problems.相关的主题文章:

SARFT webcast should adhere to the healthy style to resist vulgar content-xpphone

SARFT: webcast should adhere to the healthy style of resist vulgar content recently, the State Press and Publication Administration issued "on the strengthening of network audio-visual programs broadcast service management related issues notice", reaffirming the relevant regulations, requirements of network audio-visual programs broadcast organizations in accordance with law live service. The "Circular" pointed out that, according to the "Internet audio-visual program service management regulations", "SARFT issued the" Internet audio-visual program service catalog (Trial) "notice", carry out network audio-visual programs broadcast service should have the corresponding qualifications: one is through the Internet to major political, military, economic, social, cultural, sports activities and events live video and audio broadcast, shall be issued by the administrative department of press and publication of the "information network dissemination of audio-visual programs permit" and licensing projects for the first class of Internet audio-visual program service fifth; two is through the Internet to the general community cultural activities, sports events and other activities of the organization as a live the live audio webcast, should hold the "permit" and permits the project into second categories of Internet audio-visual program service seventh. Do not meet the above conditions of institutions and individuals, including the creation of Internet broadcast to network broadcast operations carried out in the form of personal entertainment but does not hold the "permit" institutions, shall carry out the above activities through the Internet, event video and audio broadcast service, nor the use of network broadcast platform (live) for various types of audio-visual news, arts, sports, interviews, reviews, may operate audio-visual programs broadcast channel. Without approval, no organization or individual may use the "TV station", "radio station", "radio", "TV" and other radio and television proprietary names on the Internet to carry out the business. "Notice" requirements, carry out network audio-visual programs broadcast service units should have the corresponding technology, personnel and management conditions, and the content of audit checks, to ensure safety and security in the broadcast content, to carry out live activities before the relevant information report to the local press and publication administrative departments at or above the provincial level for the record. The "notice" of broadcast content, related activities involving barrage release, live hosts and guests, live object made a specific request, live programs should adhere to healthy taste, shall not contain provisions of state laws and regulations prohibit the content and vulgar content, consciously resist the excessive entertainment, advocate money worship and advocating luxury etc.. "Notice" requirements of the provincial press and Publication Administration of radio and television administrative departments to strengthen the network of audio-visual programs in accordance with the law.相关的主题文章:

Fun sleeping pillow fight Yan technology articles value maxed Empire – Sohu

Fun sleeping pillow fight Yan technology articles value maxed Empire – Sohu technology Texun November 17th news: Imperial winter haze but also how to play with fun? Sleep technology, panda media with the release of pressure, the pillow fight a fully and delightfully. Stranger said that with no understanding of the pillow to touch the wonderful moment, it is the charm of the pillow fight. Feather flying at the same time, Yan value again maxed Empire, as a sleep supplies company, so fashion really? Tall on the battle ground? Gorgeous host? War crazy? Yes this is 8H’s 11.12 pillow fight!? panda media × 8H for your co emperor pillow war is the most fun, will release the accumulation of pressure, before the battle the unit fully and delightfully there are a lot of fun games such as love and sleep together? "Another example such as forcing the wall to imagine himself a painter? Finally, the winning team can still get the cute panda KIRs and 8H by latex pillow a? However, the thunder was a champion of all our cute little robbed this winter the tide U pillow style? The end of the battle, the clean white feathers make people forget the pressure of playing high to sleep well. Interested in science and technology have a good sleep sleep more than the product, more is to accompany you to play fully and delightfully bedmate. [source: JINGWAH] [] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章:

China Telecom to combat communications fraud by the end of the year to ensure that all teleph-rainlendar

China Telecom against communications fraud   before the end of the year to ensure that all the phone real name system, communication channel — original title: China Telecom against communications fraud before the end of the year to ensure that all the phone real name system to fully implement the general secretary Xi Jinping, Premier Li Keqiang and other central leaders instructions written instructions, the implementation of the State Council to combat cyber crime novel inter ministerial joint conference third the national television and telephone conference and the Ministry of the relevant work arrangements and requirements, in September 27, 2016, the China Telecom held a national teleconference deployment meeting, to further promote the organization to prevent fraud against the communication information of special operations, strict implementation of phone users real name registration system, to ensure that the end of October 2016 all the phone user name rate reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%. The meeting chaired by the deputy general manager of China Telecom Gao Tongqing, general manager of China Telecom Yang Xiaowei made an important speech, deputy general manager of China Telecom Sun Kangmin convey the instructions of the central leadership and the spirit of the joint meeting of the State Council and the Ministry requirements, to further promote the deployment of China Telecom to prevent against telecommunications fraud information special action. Yang Xiaowei stressed that all companies must achieve the "four place": one is the ideological understanding, to further understand the current situation, practical thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements; two is implemented in place, enterprise to take immediate action to punch, immediate results; three is the responsibility to put in place and to ensure that the fight against governance effective, the key is to grasp the responsibility to implement the communication and coordination; four is in place, to strengthen the comprehensive coordination, effectively promote the overall level of prevention against fraud information communication work. The meeting noted that the China Telecom will be from seven aspects to further promote the special action to guard against fraud information communication: one is to strictly implement the phone users real name registration system, to ensure that the end of October 2016 all the phone user name rate reached 96%, before the end of the year to reach 100%; two is to strengthen the network information security and personal information security protection; three is the strict management at the source and strengthen the construction techniques, increase monitoring prevention and remediation of illegal traffic, false code number is four; according to the requirements of the Ministry of industry, comprehensive arrangement, specification of relevant business; the five is to further strengthen agent channel standard management; the six is continuing to strengthen publicity and education and service guarantee; seven is to strengthen supervision and accountability. According to the conference, China Telecom since 2015, news organizations to combat fraud information special action, set up to combat illegal information communication management work leading group and special work office, to establish a long-term mechanism to combat governance work, and achieved certain results. However, communication information fraud involves a wide range, long chain, means more, new tricks, the work situation is still grim. All units must unify their thinking, cooperate with the public security organs to crack down on the crime of fraud of communication information, resolutely eradicate the soil of crime, and effectively protect the interests of the people. Guard against fraud information communication group leadership team members, leaders of various departments and relevant personnel to attend the meeting at the main venue; the provinces, city and County branch leadership, guard against fraud information communication leading group members attended the meeting venue. (commissioning editor Zhang Ge and Shen Guang)相关的主题文章:

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