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"Sparta" male widow memories of her husband died 5 years tear "Spartacus: blood and sand" first season starring Andy Whitefield in the Andy and Vasti couple pair is for two people have a son and a daughter and her husband together for many years, very affectionate Sina entertainment news Beijing on November 1st news, according to foreign media reports, an epic drama "Spartacus: blood and sand" is a sad story behind the scenes: the first season starring Andy Whitfield (Andy Whitfield) died of illness in 2011, was only less than 40 years old, starring nor no substitutions. Andy’s wife (Vashti Whitfield) recently in her new book, "Spartacus and I", a detailed recall of her husband’s last days. After reading the life of the people, please cherish this happiness: the origin of Andy was back pain at that time, in 2010, he was diagnosed with non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a tumor wrapped around his spine. The cancer spread quickly, and the doctor advised him to hurry up, or he would not be able to walk within 3 weeks. Even so, the couple is also very optimistic. Vasti wrote: "we never felt like, ‘oh my God, can Andy survive?’ I never thought about it, Andy. We never questioned that treatment may have no effect." The treatment did have an effect, and the tumor shrank after 6 courses of chemotherapy. In June 2010, just 5 months after the initial diagnosis, Andy’s results showed that he had recovered. Washi said: "we gave a fatal blow to cancer. We experience it, experience it, and beat it. Dr. Doocey said, "OK, you can go on living." We did it too." But the family joy did not last, not long after Andy to go back to take "Spartacus", for which he had to do a medical examination, but the examination showed that although he has tried a variety of treatments, including chemotherapy in the "heavy" type, but the cancer returned, and the more serious. Documentary filmmaker Lili (Foster) captured the family’s struggle and courage, she asked, "how can you turn the news of despair into a positive one?" (Lilibet)" Vasti replied, "what else can you do?" "(positive coping) does not mean you can get a happy ending," Vasti wrote, "but this is the meaning of what you have gained, we should fully grasp and use it, it might be great stuff." Andy has one last chance to go to New Zealand for acupuncture treatment for cancer. So the two friends to accompany him to New Zealand, Vashti sat glued to her children in Sydney. But soon she got a call: Andy’s condition worsened. She flew to Sydney and found her husband’s body was in what she thought was the beginning of collapse. You can imagine her sadness fear on the plane back to Sydney, "my seat and Andy just across the aisle, there is a small point, I couldn’t see clearly his face, so the three small)相关的主题文章:

August C class car veteran recruits Qi battle ABB pattern change – Sohu car pr011.msi

August C class car: veteran recruits Qi battle ABB pattern change? With the new generation of the new generation of long wheelbase Mercedes Benz E class sedan market, ABB’s new round of competition has officially kicked off. It is worth mentioning that is considered most likely to break the Challenger – Jaguar XFL in China, with the brand sound, excellent prices, have a unique style of the British temperament, most likely by the second tier luxury brand talent shows itself. If 2016 is destined to be a C class car market is not an extraordinary year, then the Mercedes Benz E class replacement market was officially kicked off. August 22nd, the new generation of long wheelbase Mercedes Benz E class sedan officially listed, marking the Mercedes Benz in the C class car market strong incoming. Increase product strength, coupled with the "auto inventor" brand, Mercedes Benz E to C class car market a bit tired to bring new vitality? The C class car market, BMW 5 series and Audi A6L "race each other" early to be not at all surprising. In August, the BMW 5 series of 12903 sales topped the C class car market. The analysis of historical data found in the BMW 5 series since the first half sales have been ranked more than 12 thousand, while the Audi A6L is rarely a breakthrough, since April was not exceeded 12 thousand over the bottleneck, it seems to be a watershed between the first and second grade C car. August 22nd, the new generation of long wheelbase Mercedes Benz E class sedan market, marking the Mercedes Benz in the C class car market return. Although a listing on the suffering of the weight of the door, but the August E level or achieved 4036 good results. According to China economic net reporter, the current purchase of the new Mercedes Benz E class still need to increase the price of 30 thousand yuan, is expected to be difficult to sell half a year sales terminal. In contrast, BMW 5 series, Audi A6L has been at the end of the product cycle. In order to maintain market share, both competing to fight price war, entry-level models even as low as 300 thousand. Thanks to the new car effect, after the increase in the price of entry-level E200L terminal will be more than 460 thousand yuan, the profit level is significantly higher than the Department of, A6L a step. Once the new product capacity constraints with the cooling period in the past, the terminal price is rational, the new E is likely to impact the A6L 5 series, both "monopoly" pattern. When it comes to breaking the board, we must mention the new Jaguar XFL, is considered to be the most likely to break the long-term monopoly of the C class BBA car market. Brand ring, excellent price, have a unique style of the British temperament, coupled with fellow Land Rover brand synergy, the localization of the Jaguar XFL most likely by the second tier luxury brand talent shows itself. If the 12 thousand is the C class car city crown, runner up watershed, then the car is the first, the watershed between the second camps. In August, the crown ranked fourth with a score of 3226. 1-8 month cumulative 18251, behind the old rival Cadillac XTS, the cumulative sales ranking of fifth. The crown as the only list of Japanese C car, in the Ashkenazi three mighty hard, only a slice. Due to the vague lack of brand strength and positioning, the crown is the decline in the domestic market, a sigh. By contrast, Cadillac)相关的主题文章:

Knife tower legend of the latest version of the dream fearless Knight 500W lineup Raiders – People’s 97179

The latest version of the legendary turret dream fearless Knight 500W lineup play Raiders – game original title: the latest version of the legendary turret dream fearless Knight 500W lineup play Raiders turret legend today the dream is fearless knight, before the update has been changed, so the fearless Knight how to play it, here we bring related raiders. < recommended lineup > Gemini, bounty, Frankenstein, fish, trees. Gemini and Gemini star Samsung difference is very big, the five-star Gemini 40 seconds can fill the basic NPC HP, Samsung test 33 seconds to fill. So today is the way to stay Meng Samsung Samsung output. < output manipulation > 1.07 points, Gemini open! 49 seconds, bounty, fish, big tree. 0 seconds, BOSS from the right out of the small fish. This is adorable and other people do not like the way, here is that fish on the first point: the same advantage: BOSS cut, but can jump again, because the fish people open early, late and can steal a big move. The second point: the latter even if the small fish was interrupted, but also in front of BOSS, to ensure that the BOSS will not hurt teammates. After the big hit bounty fly open. The fish people have big move, to ensure that no BOSS damage to a teammate. Wait for the high. Samsung want to kill or need some luck, after all and dodge this factor. (commissioning editor: Shen Guangqian, Yang Yu Poirot)相关的主题文章:

A good personality just Lei Jia Dongfeng Renault drive — car — 8l9840

A good personality just   Lei Jia Dongfeng Renault drive — car said this car test drive experience before, the first to talk about it what is the positioning. The use of Keleijia and – off the same platform, there are a large number of parts are shared. The Qashqai is an entry location of the compact SUV, so Correga also in this market segment. From its body size, price configuration, just in the standard compact SUV and small SUV between the delicate area. Competitors? In my opinion, walk in this area’s products include modern new Tucson, KIA KX5, Mazda CX-4, MITSUBISHI ASX and Skoda YETI Jin hyun. Power system is my most concerned about the part, because it determines the performance of the car with me every day, the car, can give me a good mood. Correga’s power system did not say, very smooth and very good. The 2.0L naturally aspirated engine named M5R, and that at first glance that the Nissan Qashqai is completely different (MR20), but its maximum power and peak torque and Qashqai exactly the same for 150 horsepower and 200 meters?. The Qashqai quality in about 1.42 tons, while Corey Gia John is 1.46 tons, the difference is not large, dynamic performance is indeed very close to. With the Nissan CVT gearbox, Correga in the daily driving time when people feel docile, no temper. Driving it through the few feet to high streets and back lanes, throttle the impulse. Why is this power system completely and not competing with you, even to a certain extent, encourage you gently driving. There are media counterparts Keleijia throttle early than the Qashqai more dull, I totally agree with. But it is also due to the slow, but that it has more mature than the Qashqai, improve traffic quality. The CVT gearbox work is also very interesting, it can simulate the 7 speed mode, in the actual driving is also often the speed of a fall process, looks like a traditional automatic transmission gear. However, when the vehicle speed is about 30-60Km h, and then release the accelerator pedal, sometimes a setback, sometimes not. Fortunately, this setback has not make people feel uncomfortable, it also has its own mood. Correga has a big "ECO" button on the left side of the driver to encourage you to drive in a more efficient way. After each flameout, the central control screen and even the statistics of energy efficiency display. Since the press ECO and then did not cancel this mode, it is not the first reason is meat, when overtaking or be able to speed up to second; it is more fuel-efficient, slightly slow throttle also make driving less emotional excitement, for Beijing this city block the road. Correga’s suspension setting and similar types of partial Qashqai, belonging to the tough. When the Gou Gou kankam, fierce reaction suspension driving on the pavement slightly; in good time, it can be better not to let the car bumps into fine. This suspension training with the majority of European cars are consistent, the advantage is that the center of gravity of the higher SUV in the bend is also more calm, I)相关的主题文章:

The injured soldiers discharged due to injury and Sohu – Military Channel in Mali and South Sultan p nrf905

The injured soldiers discharged due to injury, peacekeeping in southern Sultan and Mali peacekeeping Sohu Military Channel 23 August, Xinhua news agency, Beijing: Southern Sultan in the implementation of United Nations peacekeeping mission wounded Chen Ying, Hoya 23 recovered. At this point, from Mali and South Sultan and wounded 6 soldiers to cure have been cured. [June 27th] and was wounded and in July 17th, the army general hospital for active treatment of 2 batches of a total of 6 peacekeepers were wounded, as in United Nations peacekeeping mission, Li Tao Bian Long, Si Chongchang injured, double Ding Fujian, responsible for Southern Sultan peacekeeping wounded Chen Ying, Huo Yahui. Si Chongchang left facial explosive injury, left lower limb fracture, Li Tao double lower limb explosive injury, right lower limb fracture. The army general hospital as they first fixed, wound cleaning operation after fracture, and Li Tao wound skin grafting, conservative treatment for maxillofacial trauma Si Chongchang. They have been in August 16th, 17 were discharged. Bian long, Ding Fujian are caused by blast injury tympanic membrane perforation, hearing loss, management of nerve and other treatment, tympanic membrane healing, hearing the basic recovery, in July 15th discharged. Chen Ying, Hoya due to the explosion caused the left iliac vascular injury and lower extremity residual shrapnel. The army general hospital expert group set 3 sets, 2 sets of surgical treatment plan, Chen Ying successfully removed femoral vein thrombosis 3 cases, 2 pieces of shrapnel, shrapnel up to maximum 2.2× 0.6cm. The operation was also very successful. After the surgery, General Hospital of the army carried out 24 hours of intensive care treatment for them, carefully arranged nutrition package, and psychological counseling and rehabilitation exercise, accelerate their physical rehabilitation.相关的主题文章:

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