OV is not hot JACK&JONES retail inspiration double eleven double eleven Sohu – fusion technology sales not only on behalf of the brand or product online sales ability, but also a trend of the future evolution of the retail landscape. This year a double category sales list, some brands have made incredible achievements, such as eight consecutive men’s and the Tmall platform leader JACK&JONES, this year has made only fifth men’s clothing sales performance, and in the last year, double eleven, JACK&JONES also got the category second grades behind uniqlo. In addition has been known to channel the OV mobile phone, but not into the Tmall top five, OPPO is located in the Jingdong to fight the ninth mobile phone sales, other brands such as Jin did not even appear in the category list. The traditional online sales leader was pulled down, and the next line sales of the most popular brands in the promotion of large double eleven almost failed, what the hell is this? Online and offline integration has been an old proposition, this year, Ma has also said Ali to go to the electricity supplier, advocating the integration of online and offline new retail. While the retail enterprises above channels both online and offline, such as Ling clothing has been mainly self shop, while OV is in the line of distribution capabilities known, Tmall mobile phone sales top five: glory, millet, Meizu, HUAWEI, Apple also has a variety of line channel construction. But why the gap so big? The same line under the development of the market, due to the different emphasis can be divided into: self oriented and channel based. The former by strengthening the channels of the control force, increase the terminal price control, such as apple, millet and even HUAWEI to develop proprietary form offline channels, which HUAWEI plans and strengthen cooperation with operators and to Dixon as the representative of the third party in the world to open 15000 new stores, and apple and millet to self store experience. This pattern was heavier but can ensure manufacturers control on the terminal price, but also conducive to the realization of online and offline sales price. At the same time, OV is mainly based on the ground to the main provider, through the layers of agents will be distributed to various channels of goods, such as early sales of health care products in general. It can quickly enhance the brand line radiation, to achieve rapid growth in sales, but on the other hand, "health care products sales of the line sales chaos on the OV body, according to the" Securities Daily "reported that due to the OV of the line channels to control the power shortage, make sale appear Chuanhuo sales of subsidies began to make the line, the price difference between different channels of the same product is large, and the dealer to take the price guarantee subsidies, also conceal the sales data and the crime motive space. All this makes the problem of sales under the line embodied in the OV body, the brand lost the absolute control of the terminal price right, apparently easy to cause the user does not trust the brand, including the authenticity of the question of promotion. In the iron brother seems that the line OV can be based on the purchase of a certain extent to dispel the concerns of users, while the relatively transparent information online, OV advantage is not so obvious. Mobile phone manufacturers on the line of the open channel is non OV as the benchmark, such as Jin offline channels to create.相关的主题文章: