On the first day: easy fix entrance anxiety – children’s mother Chang Xiaowu Sohu to three year old child with picture books, be informed to be sent to kindergarten, to face the unknown and strange environment, children have separation anxiety, and even fear to enter kindergarten is very normal — think of you first before going abroad and if you absolutely ignorant of the country, your English is not good, is not also scared? But everybody wants to grow up, parents not because the child would not send him to kindergarten, because from the family to the kindergarten, is an important step in children’s social development, he must go to in the absence of parents sheltered environment, learning and other peers, learning how to share with others, how to establish friendship, in the face of conflict and repair cracks etc.. But the school anxiety of children is really a headache for parents, some children will be crying, anxiety, refused to obey, at the gate of the kindergarten are many children or cry piercing, or silently tears, let parents anxious? Some of the children seem very mature, do not cry no trouble when separated from their parents, the head also don’t back into the collective, but don’t get too excited, the children just by the way of escape to solve the current situation, after a period of time to deal with the trouble will become more. Some children insist on their favorite things to seek a sense of security, when something is too large, the parents will worry. These common problems that may give parents parenting experience without trouble, and picture books for you to prepare a variety of plans, and children can help you solve the problem, do not believe it to have a look. I don’t want to go to kindergarten when Simon learned that his "super rabbit" second days to be sent to kindergarten, it began to "I don’t want to parents and various odds on various occasions: when the mother told him that tomorrow will be his first day of kindergarten, he said" I don’t!" He said, "I don’t want to be able to learn to write in kindergarten!" ; to sleep time, he tossed can’t sleep, started to play off the game table. The lamp out he said "I’m afraid", the lamp lit he would say "I’m not afraid," he just off, a one off, the lamp finally broke, and then also by the lamp does not shine, he shouted "Mom." the morning of the second day Mom, hurry him up, eat a piece of bread. To go to kindergarten, he said "I don’t!" On the way to kindergarten, dad said to him, "you will learn a lot of new things, and you will meet many new friends."!" At the gate of the kindergarten, my father kissed him and said, "see my little rabbit, I’m gone". Simon said in a very, very small voice, "I don’t want to……" In kindergarten, however, Simon…… First he cried for a while, and then drew a picture, then he told the children to play, the teacher sent him to eat chocolate cake, take a nap together with other children, he went to play the drums after waking up…… .相关的主题文章: