On the day of negotiations Second Taiwan authorities recognize counsels fresh interpretation of " every opposing land every day will soft " – Beijing Chinese Taiwan news network November 1st "every opposing land, every day will be soft", and to "United against the United States and Japan", which has been from all walks of life refers to the Cai Yingwen administration’s ruling thought dimension and trick. Yesterday (October 31st), the first in the so-called "Taiwan on maritime affairs Cooperation Dialogue held on the occasion, Shimachi Minji party officials and politicians Bingfen Tokyo and Taiwan" Legislative Yuan ", the" routine "and with vivid interpretation of A. Before the negotiation of the blue camp saying: "every day will not soft every opposing land" Taiwan new government took office, the first "Taiwan Japan Marine Affairs Cooperation Dialogue meeting held in Tokyo on the 31 day. According to Taiwan media reports, the Taiwan authorities fishery, Sea Patrol, science and technology, foreign affairs and other departments have sent a delegation to attend the meeting. Before the meeting, Taiwan also stayed high level, so scheduled and attend the meeting as advisory guidance of former Chen Shuibian adviser, Ya Dong Qiu Yiren, President of the Association for relations "to Taiwan by the head of the leading warlord variable. For the attention of the Taiwan Chong Chong bird reef dispute, the Taiwan authorities said it would make representations in the dialogue, to fight for. The red bird controversy, Taiwan media reports review, in April this year, Taiwan fishing boats in the Okinotori reef waters surrounding the Japanese coast guard detained. Japan claimed that the Taiwan fishing boat into its exclusive economic waters fishing. When the leaders of the Taiwan region Ma Ying-Jeou said Okinotorishima reef is, Japan can not claim exclusive economic zone. Since then, the Cai Yingwen administration came to power in May has reached an agreement with Japan, to create "Taiwan Japan Marine Affairs Cooperation Dialogue" framework and daily conversation. Catch in Taiwan before the start of negotiations, Chinese KMT Legislative Yuan held 31 "Taiwan day delayed, sea bird reef fishing rights dialogue, rush to hold?" Press conference. The party’s chief deputy secretary Wang Yumin said, before the authorities do not adhere to the CAI Okinotori reef is today, must be strong supervision. In the past the DPP think anything can not "black box" to be transparent, so for the talks, "President Ya Dong" Relations Association Qiu Yiren must project report. Deputy Secretary of the KMT chairman Zhang Lishan said, hope that this dialogue mechanism can ensure that dragged on the views of Taiwan, also hope that the Cai Yingwen administration can really protect the rights, "not every day will be soft, every opposing land". "Taiwan Day dialogue" zero results do not throw the Japanese appeal of Taiwan reported yesterday morning from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. the meeting ended, the parties in accordance with the order of fishery cooperation, maritime search and rescue cooperation, marine science and technology cooperation and other issues were discussed. Cooperation in fisheries issues, Taiwan has the right to claim fishing operations in the Okinotori waters, and expect Japan back fishing boats and bail. But Japan has insisted that the bird has its exclusive economic waters, the two sides each statement, there is no intersection. The talks scene, more the comments describe, eagerly looking forward to the birds of Taiwan fishermen dispute Chong will, the Taiwan authorities have no as, fishing rights, compensation, apology, a not, two delegations to harmony, Taiwan fishermen’s rights and justice? "Zero outcome" of the Japan Sea dialogue相关的主题文章: