Ofo bike chaos was hit throw? The company responded: malicious damage has alarm – Sohu news today (November 15th) morning, Mr. Wang to the public Sohu, Aurora broke the news that the Beijing water bridge near the subway station A more than and 10 ofo bike (bicycle sharing network) was thrown into a pit, pile of a pile of tire distortion, he saw a man and a woman "also picked up a few fell down", "seems to be the parking administrator". More than neighboring traders and passenger driver said, a similar situation has continued for a month, because there is a man parked ofo bike, recalcitrant than vendors, there is dissatisfaction with the car will be thrown into the pit, piled up. Toll car park administrator denied this connection. Ofo relevant person in charge of the aurora said that there are about 15 vehicles damaged, only the rear wheel damage, initially identified malicious destruction, has been an alarm. Vendors have taken the initiative to put the car: "demo" invalid Mr. Wang lost patience after throwing a car driver drops to the aurora, this morning about half past ten, he passed the Lishuiqiao subway station A port, found that there are two men and a woman were throwing ofo bikes, "also picked up a few fell down", "throw from the railing, it should look like parking administrator". He provided photos show nearly 20 vehicles ofo bicycles were thrown in a pit in the green belt, put chaos, a car tire has been deformed, a car parked beside normal Mobell bike. At 12 o’clock in the morning, Aurora visited the scene learned that someone’s location in the A port on the left less than 50 meters water bridge subway station, nearly 20 units of ofo bicycle still thrown on the green belt in the pit. In addition, Lishuiqiao subway station at the entrance there is a free parking lot, there are a number of v-mobile and ofo cycling; is there a fee parking lot throw ofo bicycle near the park a Mobell bike, but no ofo bike. Throw nearly 20 ofo bikes in the pit. Source: Aurora Wu Rongkui ofo bicycle tire deformation. Source: Aurora photo by Wu Rongkui according to charge parking lot male administrators introduced ofo bikes often free parking, often blocked the road, so people will be thrown into the pit of the car green belt, but he denied that he had to do so. He said his own parking fees 24 hours to open, not to let ofo bike come in. But he criticized some people will ofo bicycle parked, "these people have quality problems, and recalcitrant than. According to the charge of any parking lot cars without a bicycle bike Mobell ofo, male fee administrator explained that this is because the v-mobile and the bicycle parking lot had to communicate, to achieve cooperation, he sometimes will help the bike in the right place about mobell. Vendors said, ofo was randomly placed on the road bike even in front of the shop. Source: Aurora photo by Wu Rongkui rather than neighboring traders and passenger drivers to the aurora, ofo bikes were thrown into the pit at least has continued for a month, the main reason is the car parked on the road even in front of the store, affect the normal operation of travel and vendors, and do not listen to discourage dealers around, even relatively cold. Some vendors around dissatisfaction will be thrown into the car carrier相关的主题文章: