OD Baoqiang Wang played the Song Zhe divorce show spoof version of Yang Kang Sina entertainment news last week "Paramount" OD tonight [micro-blog] a sketch "divorce" alluding to Baoqiang Wang [micro-blog] and Ma Rong divorce. OD played the Song Zhe Yang Kang version, the anecdotal Song Zhe and Ma Rong together to push the "run" brothers ", then" real man into pieces. In the sketch of the Ma Rong Huang also Tucao Baoqiang Wang ugly, kua song. Some users believe that you can spoof, but do not expose the scars, this spoof is no product. In the last week, "the tonight show" Paramount one sketch "innuendo" Baoqiang Wang Ma Rong divorce, essays in the role of Huang Rong, Guo Jing and Yang Kang were named. While OD played the Song Zhe Yang Kang version. In the trial, the judge came up with a deliberate mistake of Huang Rong…… No, Huang Rong." And Guo Jing should say: "the baby in the heart bitter, baby don’t say." Then Guo Jing complained: Huang Rong and my brother, Yang Kang, in the presence of marriage, there is improper sexual relations." In the sketch version of Huang Ma Rong, has been holding the Song Zhe Yang Kang hand version. The handsome mentioned this point, Huang Rong deliberately went to the side of Guo Jing said he is very handsome, then make the sick to spit look at OD version of Yang Kang is a face many idiot sister face, praise him: "such a handsome face who don’t?" OD played the Song Zhe Yang Kang is the version of the complaint said all these years I have been to help you take care of lakes on the transaction, in order to make you more time to get along with customers, even pushed off the most famous show "Heroes" run. Song Zhe Yang Kang also claimed that their version of love man. The last sketch also ridicule Huang Rong, Yang Kang, when the three group photo, and Yang Kang, who is always close to the special, and then be left on the side of the side of the, and so on, the other side of the picture, but also in the case of the group of people, such as the photo of the group of people, such as Huang Rong, Guo Jing and. Guo Jing also accused Yang Kang of using his own money to buy a mansion. To this end, a netizen said the sketch is very funny, more people feel like exposing people scar spoof, there is no product. (XLZY) (commissioning editor: public Mo Wu)相关的主题文章: