Obama to step down, his 10 million fans account how to do? Obama, the Sohu’s super social media control, is about to end his term as president, what about the social accounts he plays as president? As the first and the depth of social media "handshake" President of the United States, Obama made the presidency a lot of first time: the first with the president account on Twitter (the account also created the fastest 1 million fans of the Guinness world records), the first Facebook in the office of the president, first broadcast on the YouTube answer the problems of the people…… His actions led the presidential team and the White House into the era of social media. Photograph: Sputnik International, social media a famous story, "said Jimmy Kimmel Show Obama show": "one day we are one family to eat dinner, I read before Snapchat is my daughter Sasha and her age are popular with people, so I asked her to tell me how it is." She began to explain, including how to add emoticons on the screen, etc.. Michel and I sat there listening, and finally I said it was interesting. Then I started talking to Michel about what social media meant." "Later I found out that she had been in the studio, and pass it to her friend, also added a comment:" this is my dad taught to us the significance of social media ", and attach a piece of her self portrait very impatient." Obama said with a smile, for Sasha this post, his wife, Michel, and the eldest daughter of the point of praise, like the. Source: The Straits Times in the ability to accept new things, Obama is really not an old man. In his two term of office in the course of digital led the entire White House: for eight years, almost no fashionable social media he had no contact, whether text or video podcast, even he has the account, and according to the characteristics of each platform itself played freely. In Facebook, people will see the very official information; in the Twitter, Obama has demonstrated his sense of humor and a friendly; Instagram and Flickr is considered Obama’s album; Snapchat recorded on the most interesting moments of life and activities. Photograph: American Enterprise Institute in the social media image of Obama on social media and the introduction of image seems to his Twitter account, he will focus on playing a husband, father, is the last president. People want to know more channels to the president’s deeds, the news will come out every day, but he is in the face of the public is difficult to access. Not相关的主题文章: