North of Chiang Mai, arrived in Thailand at the northern city of Chiang Mai Tourism – Sohu to the north, arrived in Chiang Rai. It borders Thailand’s northernmost city and Burma, Laos, located in the "Golden Triangle", has been raging like a storm once planted poppy, is manufacturing opium stronghold; today, has become the northern Thai Art City, become the girl loves to travel. Blue? The White Temple Temple, northern Thailand artistic spirit met Chiang Rai, came to the White Temple (Wat Rong Khun), into the white world, like a fairyland, the world may not. White temple was designed by the artist Chaloemchai Khositphiphant Thailand, was founded in 1998, has not yet been completed, but has long been famous outside. The white temple outside, or the construction site, can be entered, was the immediate impact on the world, the white building, embossed shape lifelike, in the sun, reflecting the dazzling light, do not know what a way to enter, then, standing quietly in the doorway, to return to the mind. Before going into the temple, the white Gallery, Chaloemchai Khositphiphant also has a name called Xu Longcai Chinese. Mr. Xu Longcai declined to design their own, others funded, rely on their own paintings sold as the temple of money. After the opening of the white temple, no tickets, no parking fee, not incense money, it is said that this year will be eleven after a nominal fee of 50 baht, also presented a price of 100 baht in Chiang Rai travel guide. The painting of the gentleman is the past life of the white temple, which is basically the Buddha painting, but it is not the traditional sense of the Buddha painting, only the spirit of the world, in order to build such a unique white temple. Out of the gallery, once again into the white temple, walk across the bridge, the claws of the ghosts of hell, step by step, the palace of art. Thought, a white temple has been enough, but do not want to, second days, and then walked into the blue temple. Blue White Temple Temple has no spectacular shock, but in a white temple by more and more people know, come, still retain a mysterious and quiet. Blue temple built soon, the Internet does not have any information, and even do not know its true name, but also known as the blue temple, but it is the most appropriate. The building was blue, even the Buddha, is quiet blue, in the Golden Buddha, so only in the art of offbeat, Chiang Rai. ? the Golden Lion ranch, retiring this piece of pastoral lion group planted hops of twenty thousand acres of land, due to climate reasons have been transformed into pasture, this trip has become the biggest surprise came in the masquerade of pastoral landscape, and they don’t want to leave. Blue sky, white clouds, tea garden, orchard, grassland, all look beautiful, can meet the. When a return to the mountain farmers to feed one of the adorable giraffe, see No one shows any interest in cattle. Or just sitting on the lawn, observe the lives of others, red house leisurely playing badminton, roadside free mountain bike, not a word and height in a daoguajingou. Lost in the land, not drunk. A car came to the ranch, ranch restaurant, in the mind相关的主题文章: