No reason to return, the development of the rules of the shop refused to return to the net – Sohu news online shopping seven days no reason to return the implementation of two years, looks beautiful, but the implementation is not in place. Return goods should be intact, how to define? Other should not return the goods, specifically what? In response to these loopholes, yesterday, the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced that the network to buy goods seven days no reason to return the implementation approach, and to the public for comments. Modern Express reporter learned that the draft clearly defined three categories of goods does not apply no reason to return seven days. At the same time, all goods that are not subject to unreasonable returns must be clearly marked. To formally implemented in March 15th next year. Nanjing Modern Express reporter Xu Cen ZAKER of these three commodities can not return after the new consumer law 4 Na seven days no reason to return a range of goods, including consumer made goods; perishable goods; consumer online download or unpacking of audio and video products, computer software and other digital products; delivery of newspapers and periodicals. In addition, the other according to the nature of the goods and consumers should not return to confirm the purchase of goods does not apply unreasonable return. Modern Express reporter learned that this is the case, making a lot of people online shopping encounter shop unilaterally not return". Even some shop owners to explain the reasons for the application does not apply, so no reason to return seven days into empty talk. To this end, the draft clearly identified three categories of goods purchased by consumers at the time of purchase, you can not apply for seven days no reason to return. That is, to change the nature of the goods, affect the safety or health of goods easily after unpacking the activation or value of goods; depreciation larger after the trial; the sale of goods have expressly near the shelf life of goods, defective. At the same time clear, not applicable no reason to return the goods, the seller of goods should be clearly marked network, and significantly prompt program settings in the commodity sales go through the process, for the consumer to confirm a single purchase behavior. If there is no confirmation link, can not refuse no reason to return. Good product standard has defined the new consumer law, consumers should guarantee the integrity of goods in return. How to define "good"? It is the contradiction between buyers and sellers. The most common complaint is that consumers try not to open the box, to return, businesses will destroy the integrity of the goods on the grounds not to return. Modern Express reporter learned that in the first half of this year, Nanjing received a total of 12315 complaints of the 24485, of which 8978 for online shopping consumer complaints, accounting for the total number of complaints of 36.7%. The main problem of complaints, including operators do not actively deal with consumers reasonable return requirements. In the future, such a problem does not exist. "Draft" clear, consumers need to open the commodity packaging based on inspection, or to confirm the quality of the product, the function of reasonable debugging, does not affect the integrity of the goods. That is to say, want to try the shoes open shoebox, does not affect the goods intact. But beyond the inspection and confirmation of the quality of goods, functional needs and use of goods, resulting in goods.相关的主题文章: