No James Knight 1 weakness is hugely magnified not on how to play the warrior blocking defence plug the loophole, it is difficult to challenge the Western Knights powers sina sports news Beijing standard time on February 29th, on a back-to-back piston, Lebron – the poor state of James, Knight also lost the game. After tyronn Lue expressed regret did not let their top players rest. With the front of the lesson today, knight in the first back-to-back on the choice of frozen James, results for a bitter defeat. In the game just ended, the Cavaliers went away to the wizards, most of the time had fallen behind the opponent 29 points, and finally lost 99-113 games, suffered third defeats in the past four games. In the game, they once again highlighted the weakness of perimeter defense, let John wall, Bradley – Bill, Otto – Potter the outwire three bar to 30 investment in 19 with a high hit rate, a total of 59 points, almost lost even underwear. Knight this season in the east to outshine others, even halfway through the season change, record did not appear too big wave motion. Moreover, after the tyronn Lue office, the implementation of fast attack, let a lot of games look fully and delightfully a king, seemed to faint in the dark gudang. However, behind held high the banner of the attack, but also to cover the team on the defensive end of the field, and after the defects, especially defense. Only in Kaili – Erwin for example: since the beginning of February, benefiting from the rapid offensive play coach, Erwin personal data of excellent performance, not only averaged 22.7 points, shooting rate is as high as 51.6%, as a player, assist to turnover ratio also impeccable (5.1 1.7). But is that enough? When you go deeper on the alignment performance, will be easily found: Although Erwin himself got beautiful data, but also let the opponent can claim. In today’s game, the Cavaliers have played 12 games in February, with a total record of 7 wins and 5 losses. The following simple list of the 12 games the other players of the performance, you will understand what I’m saying: the Pacers, Hill 23 points and 4 assists for the Hornets, Walker; injury, Jeremy Lin 24 points and 8 assists; for the Celtics, Thomas 22 points and 4 assists for 26 points; the pelican, Cole 5 assists; the king, Rondo 7 points and 8 rebounds and 16 assists for the Lakers, Clarkson; 22 points and 7 assists; the bulls, Ross 28 points and 7 rebounds; the thunder Westbrook 20 points, 9 rebounds and 10 assists; the piston, Reggie 23 points and 4 assists; Zaizhan Hornets, Walker 20 points and 6 assists for the Raptors; Lori, 43 points and 9 assists; wizards today, 21 points and 7 rebounds and 13 assists waldo……. Data show: when Erwin is here this season, the opponent can score 4.3 points per 100 rounds, and the team is the highest. The result is clear: any team, any level of control, the knight will explode, without exception. Of course, it’s not all Erwin’s fault. In fact, the Cavaliers didn’t expect Erwin to be able to defend the other’s arrows, such as the Raptors, Della Vedova

无詹皇骑士1弱点被无限放大 不堵上怎么打勇士 不把后场防守这个漏洞堵上,骑士就很难去挑战西区列强   新浪体育讯  北京时间2月29日,上一次背靠背打活塞,勒布朗-詹姆斯状态不佳,骑士也输掉了比赛。赛后泰伦-卢表示后悔没有让自己的头号球星休息。有了前面的教训,今天,骑士在背靠背的第一场就选择雪藏詹皇,结果换回了一场惨痛的失利。   在刚刚结束的一场比赛里,骑士队客场面对奇才,最多时曾经落后对手29分,最终以99-113输掉了比赛,遭遇了过去四场比赛中的第三场失利。比赛中,他们外线防守的软肋再次得到凸显,让约翰-沃尔、布拉德利-比尔、奥托-波特这外线三杆长枪以30投19中的超高命中率,一共抢得59分,几乎连底裤都输掉了。   骑士本赛季在东部一枝独秀,即便赛季中途换帅,战绩上也没有出现太大波动。而且,泰伦-卢上任之后,推行快速进攻,让很多比赛看上去酣畅淋漓,似乎隐隐有王者之气在暗中鼓荡。然而,在高高举起的进攻大旗背后,却也掩盖了这支球队在防守端的缺陷,其中,又以后场防守尤甚。   仅以凯里-欧文为例:进入二月份以来,受益于新帅的快速进攻打法,欧文个人数据表现极为出色,不仅场均拿到22.7分,投篮命中率更是高达51.6%,作为一号位球员,助攻失误比也无可挑剔(5.1 1.7)。然而这就够了么?   当你更深入地去研究对位者的表现后,就会很轻易地发现:欧文虽然自己拿到了漂亮的数据,却也让对手予取予求。算上今天的比赛,骑士在二月份已经打了12场比赛,总战绩是7胜5负。以下简单罗列一下这12场比赛对方一号位球员的表现,你就明白我在说什么了:   对步行者,希尔23分4助攻;对黄蜂,沃克伤停,林书豪24分8助攻;对凯尔特人,托马斯22分4助攻;对鹈鹕,科尔26分5助攻;对国王,隆多7分8篮板16助攻;对湖人,克拉克森22分7助攻;对公牛,罗斯28分7篮板;对雷霆,威斯布鲁克20分9篮板10助攻;对活塞,雷吉23分4助攻;再战黄蜂,沃克20分6助攻;对猛龙,洛瑞43分9助攻;今天打奇才,沃尔21分7篮板13助攻……。数据显示:本赛季当欧文在场时,对方每百回合可以多得4.3分,全队最高。   结果已经再清楚不过:任何球队,任何档次的控卫,遇上骑士必爆种,无一例外。当然,这也并非都是欧文一个人的罪过,事实上骑士队也压根没有指望欧文能够守得住对方的箭头人物,比如对猛龙一战,德拉维多瓦和香波特就曾轮番帮忙盯防洛瑞。但不管责任在谁,骑士队已经成为控卫球员的提款机,这已经是不争的事实。   而今天的比赛,由于詹皇的缺阵,骑士除了被一号位打爆之外,侧翼防守也是错漏百出:对面赛季场均只有11.7分进账的小前锋奥托-波特,今天只用了27分钟就9投6中射下21分,一场惨败,自然也就在情理之中了。   对于骑士来说,本赛季唯一的目标就是总冠军奖杯,而要实现这一目标,他们就必须要击败来自西部的对手(假设他们在东部顺利突围)。考虑到勇士有库里,雷霆有威少,也许遇上马刺,反而是骑士最希望看到的结果了,毕竟帕克已经过了他的巅峰期了。   (熊猫)相关的主题文章: