Ningxia: poverty alleviation information to be reported – Beijing Xinhua news agency in Yinchuan in September 13, in a timely manner to the procuratorial organs (reporter Zhang Liang) 13 reporters from the the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region people’s Procuratorate, Ningxia procuratorial organs will strengthen supervision on poverty reduction, poverty alleviation projects, funds and policies of poverty alleviation information not only to farmers still need to open timely to the procuratorate report. With the increase of poverty alleviation, corruption and embezzlement cases of various types of poverty alleviation funds are prone to occur. Since 2014, the Ningxia region’s prosecutors investigating crimes related field 228 to 472 people, 358 people guilty verdict. In order to serve and protect the accuracy of poverty alleviation work, hold the poor people’s life-saving money, the district procuratorate and Poverty Alleviation Office decided to jointly promote poverty alleviation information disclosure system and carry out legal supervision. According to the work plan, Ningxia counties all involved in poverty alleviation departments and township and village organizations, to all poverty alleviation policy basis, the total funds, the implementation of standards, scope, distribution, etc. the distribution of the results of program management or implementation, all to the farmers and the public, and at the same time to the procuratorate comprehensive and timely report preparation. According to the relevant information on poverty alleviation information. According to reports, all of the public disclosure of poverty information need to take publicity column, SMS, micro-blog, WeChat and other forms, to ensure that the masses can see, see. Ningxia procuratorial organs at all levels to undertake responsibility of supervision of information disclosure, for refusing to open, open the unit is not in place to prevent interviews. Autonomous District procuratorate Li Dingda said, sunshine is the best antiseptic, the supervision of procuratorial organs will focus on the grassroots level, make good use of the rule of law, warning education, propaganda and procuratorial suggestions of prevention measures such as promoting democratic supervision interviews, legal supervision.相关的主题文章: