Ningxia a woman cheated 300 thousand yuan liar rampant shame is your wife after her husband – Sohu news "may be Dutch act, take things too hard, you hurry home to see!" We cheated your wife 300 thousand yuan, the money has been taken away, the alarm is useless, when it is to spend money to buy a lesson!" In November 9th, Wuzhong City, Mr. Zhou told reporters that the wife had a telephone fraud, liar rampant phone humiliated him. According to Mr. Zhou introduced, in November 5th, his wife received a phone call from Tianjin, the man claiming to be the Tianjin Public Security Bureau police". The other side of the mouth to speak out his wife’s name, home address, identity card number, the unit and the name of the unit where Mr. Zhou, and asked Zhou wife is not lost bank card. Zhou wife truthfully told the other side, she was indeed lost in a central bank card. Then, the other said very seriously, she is gambling on a website owes a huge debt, also in connection with a huge amount of money laundering, money laundering case with a bank card is lost bank card in her back. Finally, the police also told Zhou’s wife, Tianjin police will be 3 days after Wu Zhong caught her. At first, Mr. Zhou’s wife thought that the other side is a liar, then hung up the phone. Soon, the fixed telephone zhongweicity, Zhou’s wife also received at the beginning of the 0955, the other said he is the centre of City Public Security Bureau police, and said she had a bank card for money laundering, the other side also sent a URL, and open URL can see the procuratorate criminal detention order "and" asset freeze control order of arrest". The week wife open website, found online just as the other said, "criminal detention and arrest warrant on the photos or her 3 months before the new identity of the photos. The other side also said that her personal information may be stolen by criminals, and said that if you want to know about this, you can specify the bank to their import handling fees". In addition, he also warned the week wife, shall not disclose relevant information to the "money laundering" of the family, or family may become an accomplice. At this time, Zhou wife has some panic, and find a variety of reasons to borrow money from relatives and friends. Then 3 times through ATM ATM to the other bank account 300 thousand yuan. Currently, Mr. Zhou has been reported to the police Wu Zhong. According to the police, telecommunications fraud often seize the psychological weakness, once in the first step is "scared", fraud on the basic successful, because people feel fear in the helpless situation, will be guided to can’t help each other, the other had a step by step into the trap.相关的主题文章: